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Candice LeRae’s new nickname is pretty great


Last week, we got our first look at Candice LeRae as a villain. This week, she had her first match with this new persona. With that, came new music and a new nickname.

She’s calling herself the “Poison Pixie” which is pretty great.

The pixie acknowledges her former bubbly persona (and her shorter stature at 5’2”). The poison makes it feel dangerous. And as someone who loves a good alliteration, this works for me.

The Poison Pixie’s first task tonight was to face her old friend Kacy Catanzaro. With her husband Johnny Gargano introducing her, she went to work on a woman she had once taken under her ring.

She employed a harder hitting style and showed no mercy. LeRae also unveiled a new finish where she pulled her opponent’s arms back and stomped the back of her head. That she calls the Wicked Stepsister. (There’s a villainous fairy tale vibe to her names.)

After the match, LeRae went back for more, locking in the Gargano Escape, which her husband loved.

New look. New nickname. New finish. What are you all thinking of the new Candice?

You can find the results of tonight’s episode at the live blog here.

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