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You can’t be a role model if you wear glasses

Dr. Britt Baker is a role model who has developed a special relationship with AEW commentator Tony Schiavone over the last couple of months. It’s the kind of relationship that usually involves her mocking him as a has-been or a Starbucks barista.

She took those insults to a new level on this week’s (Apr. 29) Dynamite when she invited us into her dental office to explain the rules of being a role model. For example, people who wear glasses can’t be a role model (excluding doctors) because they’re trying to be smart when they’re not.

Baker uses the entire segment to essentially rip on Schiavone for being an overweight wannabe with bad teeth, and she’s also a jerk to her makeup artist whose name she won’t even pronounce correctly.

AEW’s women’s division has mostly been on hold during the last month when they have been airing taped shows, but Baker’s heel segments have been a standout, and are positioning her for big things whenever the division gets going again.

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