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It’s still not Darby Allin’s time

Cody Rhodes was clearly the top star in AEW’s TNT championship tournament. But if any underdog babyface had a chance to beat him out, Darby Allin was the guy. Their semifinal match kicked off tonight’s (Apr. 29) episode of Dynamite, and it turns out that Darby Allin still doesn’t quite have what it takes to beat Cody.

There was a spot early in the match where Darby was charging Cody on the outside of the ring, and Cody sidestepped him. Darby crashed into Brandi Rhodes as a result, and she was helped out of the arena.

Later in the match, Cody got a little too close to the wrestlers watching in attendance, so Britt Baker hit him with her shoe.

Allin eventually blasted Rhodes with his own finisher, Cross Rhodes, but it wasn’t enough to keep Cody down for the three count.

Brandi Rhodes returned with a bottle of water, which Cody took a sip out of. Darby grabbed the water bottle and smashed Cody upside the head with it.

Cody then landed his own Cross Rhodes on Darby, but Darby kicked out of the pin fall attempt. Cody went up for a Coffin Drop, but Allin got his knees up to counter it. Darby then went for his own Coffin Drop. At the point of impact, Cody rolled Darby Allin over and held him down for the pin. Special commentator Chris Jericho was outraged, accusing the Rhodes of cheating via spiked water.

Cody now advances on to the final match of the TNT championship tournament, where he’ll meet either his nemesis Lance Archer, or his brother Dustin.

For Darby Allin, it’s yet another failure to pin Cody Rhodes, following previous matches between the pair at both Fyter Fest last year, and on Dynamite earlier this year.

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