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MLW Fusion: Hart Foundation rock down to Electric Avenue

The Super Series raged on between MLW and AAA in Tijuana for episode 107 of Fusion. Mance Warner and Alexander Hammerstone continued their beef, Richard Holliday defended the Caribbean Championship, and the Hart Foundation rocked down to Electric Avenue.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Heading into week 3 of the MLW vs AAA Super series, the scoreboard was tied at 2-2.

Richard Holliday vs Chessman

This was an unofficial Caribbean Championship defense by Holliday with no DQ rules. Holliday grabbed a mic to speak in Spanish to los consumidores. He continued to say that he doesn’t need to speak Spanish then transitioned to English. Holliday took out his AirPods as the crowd grew restless. Holliday informed them that they were now breathing rarefied air.

Holliday used hand sanitizer before smooshing Chessman in the face. Chessman knocked Holliday out of the ring. Chessman ran the ropes for a dive, but Holliday hit him with a chair. After another chair whack, Holiday pinned Chessman in the ring. The referee was extra slow getting into position. Chessman kicked out, not that he was in any danger of losing so early in the match.

Chessman turned the tide for a suicide dive then unloaded a chair strike to Holliday’s back. Back in the ring, the referee was on point for a quick count. Holliday managed to kick out in time.

After a double clothesline, Holliday was quicker to recover. He hit Chessman with a superkick and twisting neckbreaker. Kick out by Chessman. Chessman got the upper hand for a moonsault. Kick out by Holliday. Chessman went high-risk for a corkscrew splash. Chessman missed, so Holliday attacked with a gutwrench powerbomb to win.

The Super Series score went to MLW’s favor, 3-2.


Mance Warner popped some light beers while talking with Alicia Atout.

Warner apologized about ruining her birthday cake last week. Warner offered Atout a light beer. She was touched by the lovely gift, but the biggest gift was Mancer sending MJF packing from MLW. Warner then spoke about taking the National Openweight Championship from Alexander Hammerstone. Ole Mancer needs gold. He’s going to whoop Hammer’s ass every week until he gets that gold and hits the pay window.

Health update on Douglas James after being knocked out by Averno. James will be out 180 days unless cleared by a neurologist. He suffers from transient disorder of brain function without long-term sequele. Sounds like a fancy way to say concussion.

Pillow Talk with LA Park. It was a TikTok style video of Park and his wife in bed. Park farted when she said she loves him.

Pagano is the extreme king of Ciudad Juarez. He then said something in English about trying his Mexican burrito. Without a clown, there is no party. Commentary made it sound like he’ll be a regular once filming resumes for new shows.

Hammerstone had a message for Warner. What Mancer represents is Hammer’s one true enemy in pro wrestling. Mancer is proud to be an out of shape alcoholic. Hammerman is tired of speed bumps from mediocre guys like Warner. Hammerstone plans to wreck Warner.

Colonel Robert Parker was stymied by the US Coast Guard from promoting unsanctioned wrestling contests on barges in the ocean.

Von Erichs sent a message from Hawaii. They aren’t worried about Team Filthy in the tag division. The brothers then dove off a waterfall.

Footage building a case against corrupt Super Series referees with slow counts. MLW is keeping an eye on the situation.

The press conference to announce the merger of Team Filthy with American Top Team was postponed. Scuttlebutt says Low Ki attacked Dan Lambert.

Low Ki had a message. He seemed drunk. They started a war on Low Ki. He can make a couple of phone calls for backup. My guess for Low Ki’s hint is Eddie Kingston. Perhaps Homicide is the God reference?

Injustice will wrestle next week against Jinetes del Aire (Hijo del Vikingo, Octagon Jr., Myzteziz Jr.) for the AAA Trios titles.

Texano & Rey Escorpion vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr.

Texano grabbed the mic to rile up the crowd. He called them ugly people for supporting the foreigners. Rey Escorpion referred to the fans as peasants then told them to go f—k their mothers. Brian Pillman Jr. shouted, “Viva Mexico!” and the fight was on.

The Hart Foundation controlled the pace early as Davey Boy Smith Jr. hit a stalling vertical suplex. Momentum shifted when Injustice caused a minor distraction with their protest signs. Los Mercenarios pummeled Pillman with a fireman’s carry backbreaker from Texano, a slingshot senton from Texano, and a powerbomb from Rey Escorpion.

Pillman finally made the hot tag to Smith, but the referee missed it and wouldn’t allow Smith to enter the ring. Pillman rebounded with a flying crossbody to get back to the tag.

Smith cleaned house by monkey-flipping Rey Escorpion onto Texano. Davey Boy clotheslined both opponents out of the ring. Pillman attacked with a somersault plancha down to the floor. Back in the ring, Pillman hit a slingshot clothesline as part of a teamwork Electric Avenue maneuver. Smith jackknife pinned Texano to win.

MLW take a big 4-2 lead on the Super Series scoreboard.

Contra interrupted the broadcast with a message from Josef Samael. They must embark on a mission to prepare for an upcoming war. Hail, Contra.

The main event was a solid fight. Good work by the rudos to get that heel heat by insulting the crowd. Los Mercenarios brought their power with a touch of fancy. The Hart Foundation did the same. The story was a timeless tale of a hot babyface tag leading to victory. The finish was rocking and Electric Ave is always cool. I’d like to see both these teams get a shot against the tag champ Von Erichs.

Quality win by Richard Holliday. I like that he won clean within the no DQ rules. I was expecting a run-in from a Dynasty bro. Holliday being victorious on his own accord makes the Caribbean Championship more valuable in storylines. If he keeps winning, then it will be a big moment if Savio Vega takes down Holliday to regain the title he never officially lost.

The best promo of the bunch was from Mance Warner with Alicia Atout. They played off each other fantastically. The build to Warner to Hammerstone will have to be slow brewed due to the uncertainty of when MLW will return with fresh tapings, but it is working so far. I’m getting pumped little by little each week to see those two throw down.

Share your thoughts about the show. What was your favorite moment from episode 107 of Fusion?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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