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We got our first look at heel Candice LeRae

Two weeks back, Candice LeRae helped her husband defeat Tommaso Ciampa by kicking the Blackheart right in the stones.

That served as a heel turn for LeRae, who had been a bubbly babyface up to this point. So tonight’s promo, taped at their dinner table, was our first look at LeRae as a heel.

Both of them discussed what drove them to this. Johnny had already given us that reason before tonight. That being the good guy in NXT didn’t get him anywhere. That this landscape rewards bad behavior. That’s why someone like Tommaso Ciampa got to be on top for so long.

Candice LeRae then gave her reason. She talked about how playing the big sister for all the women in the division got her nowhere. When she needed them, they were never there for her. She used to eat second, but now, she eats first.

It plays into how she has been booked for her time in NXT. She always was playing the big sister. She only got one title shot, and it was a throwaway one against Shayna Baszler on the first 2-hour live USA show. Outside that, she just watched all the other gals get the chance.

She played her new role with confidence and conviction. Alongside a somewhat unhinged Johnny Gargano, this couple can be a force to be reckoned with.

You can find the results to tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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