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Drake Maverick loses his first cruiserweight tournament match a week after being released

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Last week, Drake Maverick was released by WWE. But in a tearful video promo immediately after, the former manager of 205 Live said that he was allowed to still compete in the cruiserweight round robin style tournament to crown an interim cruiserweight champion.

NXT has been playing into this story hard, with a video of him reflecting on his situation taped prior. He also was on WWE’s internet show the Bump promoting this.

His first task was to defeat newcomer Jake Atlas tonight.

But he came up short.

Drake fought his heart out and had Atlas on the ropes at one point when he locked in a Tequila Sunrise. But an impressive rope cartwheel DDT scored the win for the newcomer.

That move... wow...

Even Atlas wasn’t too happy about picking up the win. He said in a post match interview even he was rooting for Drake. But of course a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

But don’t fret Drake fans. If they’re looking to maximize the underdog story, having him lose the first match really puts his back against the wall and forces him to win the next two matches - against Tony Nese and Kushida respectively.

Maverick’s dream of staying in WWE isn’t over yet, but tonight’s loss closed the door slightly more.

You can find the results to tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.