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NWA Super Powerrr: Kamille speaks!

NWA is back with fresh content. They produced a Super Powerrr preview special featuring Kamille’s history in the NWA, her first match, and finally speaking publicly.

The show began with a recap of Kamille’s story in the NWA. After losing the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to Cody Rhodes at All In, Nick Aldis brought in Kamille as his insurance policy to deal with Brandi Rhodes interfering on Cody’s behalf. Kamille proved to be extremely effective as Aldis regained the belt at NWA 70.

The video package continued with Kamille’s effect on other Aldis title defenses. It finished with Kamille spearing Tim Storm after Strictly Business became official and Kamille spearing Allysin Kay then staring down NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa.

The new content kicks in at the 14:20 mark of the video.

Kamille vs Madi Maxx

Kamille was making her in-ring debut. She charged Maxx into the corner then pummeled Maxx with blows. After a big body slam by Kamille, Maxx fired up. Kamille was too strong to go down on a sunset flip. Kamille took control again with a leg lariat. Maxx kept at it, but Kamille caught her flying crossbody attempt. That led to a steamroller then spear for victory.

Kamille speaks!

Kamille exited the ring, but Joe Galli chased her down. Thom Latimer had said that Kamille would speak. Kamille bullied Galli backward. Kamille then walked away.

A video package played for Kamille. Bitch, cocky, not approachable are words used to describe Kamille. She learned the hard way that people don’t like you when you’re gifted. As a softball superstar growing up, players’ parents were against her. They wanted her out of the league, because she was too good. Ever since Kamille has been little, she’s been hated for her power and strength. Respect for authority? Kamille doesn’t have respect for anyone.

People keep questioning why Kamille doesn’t speak. She doesn’t need to. Her actions speak for her. Kamille’s father told her never to start a fight, but she sure as hell better end one. Kamille has seen the looks and whispers backstage from people like Thunder Rosa, Melina, and Allysin Kay. Kamille is here to end all that. She is here to end all of them.

There we go. We’ve now see Kamille in the ring and heard her speak for the first time. I was not expecting her slight Southern accent. Kamille’s work in the ring was fine. She displayed her power and hit her finishing moves smoothly. Obviously, Kamille will need experience, but I think Thunder Rosa could get a solid match from Kamille whenever they finally go toe-to-toe. That matchup will be fire with the story of their size difference.

Mighty fine work on that video package. It clearly developed Kamille’s character and stated her motivation. It makes me want to root for her, but I can also see how others would root against her. It shows how Kamille is a perfect match with Nick Aldis. As a fan, it is easy to understand their actions but not necessarily approve of what they do.

Were you impressed by Kamille in the ring? Does Kamille’s backstory make you cheer for or against her?

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