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MJF might need surgery

MJF has been laying low as of late with no appearances on Dynamite. Surely part of the reason probably has to due with travel restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic. Another reason may be that MJF is legitimately injured.

Earlier this week, MJF had us worried with a tweet that something awful happened to him, but he didn’t elaborate on the situation. Today, MJF stated that he might need surgery.

MJF has injury history with his elbow. Recovery time back in late 2018 caused him to vacate the MLW Middleweight Championship. MJF also had elbow issues in mid-2019 after AEW’s Fight for the Fallen.

We might not be receiving any updates from the man himself anytime soon. He will be taking a break from Twitter.

In the meantime, you could try to book MJF on Cameo if you miss him that much.

As always with MJF, it is tough to tell if he is playing us for suckers with this injury angle. I’m crossing my fingers that it is a long con, and MJF is alright. However, if the problem is real, then we hope he has a full recover.

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