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MLW Fusion: Ole Mancer and Hammerstone ruin the birthday bash

MLW continued the Super Series interpromotional competition with AAA in episode 106 of Fusion. It featured Douglas James battling Averno and Team Filthy fighting Puma King and Xtreme Tiger. There was also a side story of Mance Warner and Alexander Hammerstone brawling throughout the arena.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Mance Warner preached about Alexander Hammerstone getting in his business last week. Hammer had already made it personal. Tonight, Hammer made himself a dead man. Ole Mancer is coming to get the people’s gold (National Openweight Championship).

The MLW vs AAA Super Series scoreboard is 1-1.

Douglas James has tested himself with the very best all around the world. Nothing but respect for Averno. James is looking to show why he is the ultimate hybrid wrestler. Never say die.

Commentary alerted us that Warner was raising hell backstage.

Douglas James vs Averno

A back and forth bout. Top move was a buckle bomb from Averno. Just when this contest was heating up, it had an abrupt finish. Averno caught a kick then blasted James with a forearm strike. James dropped to the mat. The camera cut to the fans, then the referee called off the bout. Averno won by knockout. This felt weird, like perhaps James was legitimately concussed.

That made the score 2-1 in favor of AAA.


Davey Boy Smith Jr. wished Alicia Atout a happy birthday. He hasn’t forgotten about the beating from Team Filthy. Despite those physical aftereffects, he is cleared to compete in the Super Series. Brian Pillman Jr. has his jaw wired shut after the attack from Injustice, but Pillman knows the right Tijuana doctors. He is cleared as well. The Hart Foundation will reunite against Texano and Rey Escoprion.

The AAA Trios title match has been made official. Los Jinetes del Aire (Hijo del Vikingo, Octagon Jr., & Myzteziz Jr.) will defend against Injustice. Injustice said they will be getting the gold and they might get those masks too. Injustice will beat Pillman’s ass again when they see him.

Hype video for Hijo del Vikingo.

Earlier, the Dynasty was crossing the border. They were trying to be stealth when the cameraman interviewed them. Richard Holliday plans to defend the Caribbean Championship against Chessman.

Commentary relayed that Warner has cooled off and left the arena.

Dan Lambert talked smack to Low Ki on Busted Open Radio. Despite the shenanigans, the bottom line is Low Ki was knocked out in his match against King Mo.

Pagano had a message for Jacob Fatu. Fatu is a badass, but he’s never met the craziest clown in the world. Pagano is coming for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Without a clown, there is no party.

Hammerstone was interviewed by Atout. She was disappointed in Hammerman’s actions last week to Ole Mancer. Hammer said that’s the past. Time to look toward the future. Since Atout has a subpar tan, he offered her a birthday gift. Tanning beds in Tijuana can fit two. How about a couple of sessions together? Atout was disgusted at the suggestion. Warner came out of nowhere for a surprise attack to Hammer. The cameras cut out.

The feed was back with Hammerstone and Warner brawling in the bowels of the arena. Technical difficulties hit again.

Team Filthy has one thing on their mind. That is to get even with the Von Erichs. The Von Erichs have been hiding in Hawaii, because they can’t cut it in real life. Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini want what they have earned. That’s a tag title shot.

Atout attempted to provide an update on Hammerstone and Warner, but she couldn’t find them. The elevator opened, and the two spilled out still brawling.

Tom Lawlor & Dominic Garrini vs Puma King & Xtreme Tiger

Team Filthy tried to ground their opponents, while the luchadores tried to keep the pace quick. The top spot early was a submission train. Puma King locked in Rings of Saturn on Dominic Garrini, Tom Lawlor grabbed Puma’s limb for an armbar, and Xtreme Tiger used a kimura on Lawlor. Everyone was in pain, so they all let go.

The second half story was hectic action with tight submissions being broken up by partners. Garrini had a couple of rear naked chokes, and Tiger used a modified octopus on Lawlor.

The finish began when Puma ate front and back elbow strikes from Team Filthy. Lawlor lifted Puma for a double team combo. Garrini attacked with a jumping knee as Lawlor slammed Puma for the brainbuster.

Tiger broke the pin. Tiger attempted a springboard maneuver, but Lawlor caught him for a rear naked choke. Tiger tapped. Team Filthy were the victors.

The scoreboard went to a 2-2 tie between MLW and AAA.

Happy birthday!

The show closed with Savio Vega congratulating Alicia Atout with a birthday cake. Brian Pillman Jr. was in the background. Warner and Hammerstone burst into the room still fighting. Vega didn’t want the cake ruined. Warner eye-poked Hammer then shoved his face into the cake.

Everyone sampled the tasty treat reaching around Hammerstone’s face covered in frosting.

Mance Warner and Alexander Hammerstone stole the show with their multi-segment brawl. I popped at the surprise out of the elevator. I did not anticipate that at all. The closing cake catastrophe was delightful. Hammer got his just desserts with actual dessert. MLW has proven to be masters at these types of brawls. They have done it on numerous occasions, and it is always a hoot.

The main event was very enjoyable. It had good action and drama. Team Filthy played well as heels riling up the crowd. Puma King and Xtreme Tiger had cool flying moves and surprised me with their submission prowess. Team Filthy were the heavy favorites due to the storyline with the Von Erichs, but this match made me think twice that the cool cats might win. I consider that to be success from the performers.

Xtreme Tiger was the standout for me with his quickness and varied attacks. It left me wondering why he isn’t signed with any promotion. Tiger represented AAA on this show, but I’m not sure he is actually signed with them. Tiger hasn’t made any appearances with AAA recently. I hope that changes or maybe MLW picks him up.

I’m perplexed by the finish to Douglas James versus Averno. On one hand, the quick strike knockout is something that fits with MLW booking. On the other hand, it was abrupt and awkward enough to give me pause that it was the original plan. Too bad James lost. After his match against Septimo Dragon and his promo in this episode, James has started to grow on me. I was rooting for him to pick up winning momentum. As for Averno, I’d like to see a match against Low Ki.

Several matches were teased or confirmed during this episode. The one I’m most excited for is a future clash between Pagano and Jacob Fatu. That will be heavy hitting action whenever it takes place.

Share your thoughts about the show. What was your favorite moment from episode 106 of Fusion?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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