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Dustin Rhodes says he’ll retire if he loses to Kip Sabian in TNT Championship tournament

Could Wednesday night be the end of Dustin Rhodes’ wrestling career?

The next edition of Dynamite will feature two first round contests in the TNT Championship tournament. Darby Allin will fight Sammy Guevara, and Dustin will compete against Kip Sabian. Tournament bouts tend to sell themselves, but Dustin just added fuel to fire up the excitement for his match.

AEW released a startling teaser clip for the next episode of, “Road to...” Dustin left a phone message for Cody Rhodes stating that he will retire if he can not get past Sabian.

AEW must have sent out a memo, because talent up and down the roster chimed in about the possibility of Dustin retiring. For the sake of not spamming that same clip above in quote tweets, some of these will be in text form.

We’ll start with Chris Jericho. He is looking forward to commentate Dustin’s last match. Le Champion brings up an interesting point about doubt and losing confidence.

MJF’s response was short and sweet.

Thank god. Good riddance.

Brandi Rhodes aims to keep Penelope Ford in check as she will be by Dustin’s side.

Taz offered technical analysis.

I have to weigh on this, I know @dustinrhodes a long time. I have had the opportunity to share lockerrooms/rings with him for years. I truly feel he’s at his best NOW. His cardio, lean muscle mass along with a clear mind.... hoping he doesn’t ride off into the sunset just yet.

Jim Ross is hoping that Dustin will think things through.

@dustinrhodes we need you in @AEWrestling and you’ve never been a smarter, more skilled in ring psychologist. Your Dad told me once that when we turn in our jerseys we’re no longer in the game that we love. Think this thru.

Tony Khan thinks it is a rash choice.

1 week ago we celebrated @dustinrhodes’ birthday + his amazing career spanning 5 decades. There is hyperbole in wrestling but it’s no stretch to say Dustin’s better than ever today; I hope he’ll reconsider. @TheKipSabian carries a 2020 record of 6-3, same as Dustin. This is crazy.

As for Dustin’s opponent, Kip Sabian will shed no tears.

Cry me a river.... Well, guess it’s going to be a nice milestone sending @dustinrhodes off into the sunset. You’ve had a great career, enjoy the last few days of being a pro wrestler Copper Bill.

The man that waits ahead for either Dustin or Sabian in the tournament semifinals advises Dustin to retire anyway. Dustin won’t want the pain that Lance Archer is going to inflict.

You should retire @dustinrhodes because if you beat @TheKipSabian (which he shouldn’t want to win and have to face me) Then I’ll end you in a way that will be considered “cruel and unusual” NO ONE in @AEWrestling is ready!

Hmm, this is a surprising story twist from Dustin Rhodes. I assumed he was the clear favorite to beat Kip Sabian, but this retirement talk adds a smidgen of doubt that Dustin will win. I was pulling for Dustin anyway. I want to see him wrestle Lance Archer, because that would be the best story path for Archer’s feud with Cody.

Does Dustin Rhodes’ announcement make you more interested in his match against Kip Sabian? Are you now emotionally invested in Dustin’s journey? Does it make the outcome more or less predictable?

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