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AEW Fallout: Jake Hager kicked out, buildup for Young Bucks’ fight, more!

The big stories coming out of Dynamite (Apr. 15, 2020) were Jon Moxley retaining the AEW World Championship against Jake Hager and Lance Archer advancing to the semifinals of the TNT Championship tournament. The fallout from the show includes Hager not being welcome home, Colt Cabana aiming for big challenges, and Sammy Guevara stirring it up with Matt Hardy. We’ll also check in with BTE to see the Young Bucks building to their brother fight.

As we saw in the promos packages leading to Moxley vs Hager, the Hager household only allows winners. When Hager returned home without gold, he was not welcome.

Poor guy. At least he can regroup at Chris Jericho’s palatial estate and sip a little bit of the bubbly in Jericho’s hot tub. I wonder if wearing leather pants is mandatory to enter Jericho’s hot tub.

After losing to Archer, Cabana wants to focus on fighting other big men to learn from his experiences.

This was interesting strategy analysis from Cabana. He’s dejected but still looking forward to conquering big challenges. It almost makes me want to root for him. I say almost, because his in-ring comedy doesn’t always appeal to me.

Cody Rhodes may have tipped his hand for a gameplan against Archer, if they meet in the final of the TNT Championship tournament.

Tiring out Archer could work, but Cody needs to make sure he doesn’t take too much damage in the process. I don’t think he could survive rope-a-dope.

Darby Allin reminded us that the TNT Championship isn’t supposed to be viewed as a mid-card title.

What would need to happen for the TNT Championship to shed that stigma?

As for Allin’s tournament opponent, he may have talked his way into a different fight. Sammy Guevara has the attention of Matt Hardy.

Is Sammy vs Hardy a match you’d like to see?

Being the Elite

Being the Elite had three parts for episode 199 this week. The first two parts were covered in the AEW Rewind. Part 3 will be covered in the Fallout.

“Part 3” - Being The Elite, Ep. 199 (here) featured:

  • The Young Bucks did separate interviews to hype their one-on-one fight for BTE 200. Matt said it will be the third biggest match of his career. Nick stated that the bout will be held in his backyard. Nick wants the match so he can feel 100% healed. He doesn’t want to go back to full-time wrestling until then. Matt is afraid of what he will do to Nick, not what Nick will do to him. Nick believes he has surpassed Matt and is the better wrestler. Matt got uppity when informed of Nick’s comments.
  • Other talent commented on the Jackson bout. Matt Hardy provided thoughts as both Matt and Broken Matt. Kenny Omega offered advice that they will never be the same again. Cody Rhodes provided a superkick diagram with toys. Hangman Page drank his whiskey. Marty Scurll doesn’t care, since they are dead to him. The brothers forced Brandon Cutler to pick, but he left to pick up their coffee.
  • The close was a mini training montage.

Great episode to hype the brother bout for BTE 200. It got me pumped and also made me laugh with the way they mocked the prize fight buildup formula.

We’ll close with news from Hangman Page. He’ll be doing a live reading of his children’s book on Instagram.

Adam and the Golden Horseshoe is scheduled to be released on May 24.

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