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AEW Dynamite Preview (April 15, 2020): No Holds Barred


Tonight (April 15) All Elite Wrestling comes our way pre-taped from a closed set. Last week Jake the Snake delivered a brutal promo, Britt Baker bathed in her own blood, Cody moved on in the TNT Championship tournament & Matt Hardy invited us to his compound.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Jon Moxley versus Jake Hager - No holds barred for the AEW World Championship
  • Colt Cabana versus Lance Archer - Quarterfinals for the TNT Championship
  • Chuck Taylor versus Kip Sabian
  • Sammy Guevara versus Sugar D
  • Shawn Spears in action
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD in action
  • Chris Jericho on commentary

Here are five questions about AEW tonight:

1) Who walks out the AEW Champion?

The obvious answers seems like it should be Moxley. After all, he’s only held the belt for a little while and he’s - to steal a phrase - the people’s champion. Sure, there are no people around, but the sentiment still stands.

Hager, on the other hand, is undefeated in AEW and in MMA. He’s the big bad bruiser on Dynamite and someone that AEW has clearly invested in.

If this were a regular match, I think it’s safe to say Hager all the way, but it’s no holds barred baby! That means that Moxley can go full MOXLEY and let his insanity do the work for him.

Unfortunately, for Hager a Moxley win means he’s not allowed to go home to his wife...maybe Le Champion has a guest room for him to crash at.

2) Death or laughter?

Yeah, ok it’s going to be Death, but Colt Cabana versus Lance Archer is going to be such a fun match. Cabana is one of the best comedy wrestlers around, but - as he will reminder you - he is also a great wrestler. Their style’s don’t mesh at all, but Cabana has the ring acumen to make any match - even one where he gets beaten into a pulp - good.

Archer is going to underestimate Cabana and Cabana is going to use that to his advantage. Archer may be headed to the finals to face Cody, but it’s not going to be quite the cake walk he thinks!

3) Is Britt Baker a bad-ass now?

Heel Britt Baker is just THE BEST. Yeah, yeah, she lost her match last week, but one little loss ain’t gonna stop a DMD! Not only was that one of her best - if not the best - match she has had on AEW Dynamite, but she looked absolutely bad-ass dripping in blood. The best part of her bloody visage, unintentional as it may have been, was how it served to highlight Baker’s new, vicious personality. Nothing says evil like an bloody grimace and a mandible claw!

Side bar: her stopping the match to talk to Tony popped me so hard. It takes skill to be mean AND funny.

Tonight she is advertised as “in action” which I assume that means she’ll perform in a squash match followed by a savage promo. Hopefully, she’ll call out Shida for a rematch because they have amazing in-ring chemistry, but more importantly I hope she rips Cody apart for insinuating that she’s not a real dentist. Cody better bring a mouth guard tonight!

4) What punishment will The Exalted One deal out tonight?

He won’t let them eat, drink, sneeze, yawn or dress comfortably.

On one hand, I feel sorry for the creepers. They were promised a better life where they would NOT feel like losers. Unfortunately, they found themselves a leader that reminds them everyday just how big of losers they really are.

On the other hand, I feel sorry for The Exalted One. He was told he was going to meet a room full of promising recruits and all he found were lazy, sick, hungry weirdos. It’s tough being the boss.

Whatever happens tonight one thing is for sure - we’ll all argue about whether or not it was a dunk on Vince McMahon.

5) What’s next for Shawn Spears?

Sure he lost last week to Cody, but let’s be real, he was never going to win that match. However, it is clear that while he may have lost to his one time rival they are giving him a renewed push on TV. Looks like the pandemic and truncated roster is working out in Spears’ favor!

On AEW Dark last night he beat Billy Gunn while Cody put him over on commentary. Tonight he is “in action” which is code for “facing a jobber and kicking their butt.” I was intrigued before when they were doing the partner search, but since that is on hold for obvious reasons I’m curious to see what happens with Spears because while he may be getting a push it’s not for any of the championships.

Perhaps they are building him up again to face the winner of the TNT championship? Or perhaps his partner search will resume again after the quarantine and he’ll be primed for a tag team championship bout? Either way, it’s all looking good for The Chairman.

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 ET tonight to see if we get any answers to these questions!

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