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AEW Rewind: Jon Moxley’s training partner, Cody saving lives, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

The feature bout tonight will be Jon Moxley versus Jake Hager for the AEW World Championship. It will be contested in an empty arena with no holds barred. Jim Ross has been assigned the call on commentary. The match should be a doozy. AEW President and CEO Tony Khan is hyping it heavily.

I wouldn’t expect Khan to downplay the quality, but, “Best empty arena match ever,” is lofty praise. Here’s to hoping the match delivers to that standard. If it gets half-way there, then it should still be good.

Moxley has recruited the best training partners for his title fight tonight against Hager.

Here’s a clip of Hangman Page playing Animal Crossings on Nintendo Switch. He provided his top tips. The best part was Hangman’s reaction at the end.

AEW will be having a Dynamite contest to win prizes, including a half case of A Little Bit of the Bubbly.

Get the official rules here.

AEW Road to...

AEW’s, “Road to TNT Championship,” (here) featured:

  • Cody Rhodes took a scouting report over the phone from Arn Anderson. Arn analyzed Cody’s potential second round opponents. He’s scared about Darby Allin’s reckless nature. Arn prefers a matchup against Sammy Guevara. They can take advantage when Sammy shows off. Arn frets about the political ramifications of Sammy winning the tournament and Jake Hager winning the World Championship.
  • Promo hype for Colt Cabana vs Lance Archer. Cabana is blowing away fans’ expectations, but he’s always known he’s a great wrestler. The beauty of his story will be to prove himself. Jake “The Snake” Roberts spoke on behalf of his client. Every time Archer wins, he’ll get a little closer to what they really want. That would be Cody.
  • Comedy skit with Cody, Tony Schiavone, QT Marshall, Bunny, Blade, Butcher, Britt Baker, and Joey Janela. Cody held a video phone conference to brainstorm ideas beyond the ring to connect with fans. The heels had bad ideas, and Cody pretended to write them down. When Janela presented his idea for a cooking show, the heels bickered with him. The best part was Baker with a tissue sticking out of her broken nose.
AEW Road to TNT Championship

The first two segments were interesting and worth watching. The comedy closer had its funny moments, but it didn’t seem to be important for anything on Dynamite.

Being the Elite

There were two parts of episode 199 this week. All the matches in these two episodes were enjoyable. If you’ve been feening for SCU and the Young Bucks, then you’ll get your fix in BTE. The top comedy portions were the recurring bits of Cabana tormenting Omega and the one-upmanship failures between Avalon and Cutler.

“Part 1” - Being The Elite, Ep. 199 (here) featured:

  • Broken Matt Hardy provided the rules of a squash match.
  • SCU squashed Team High Risk, Simon Lotto and Steven Andrews. Scorpio Sky was the referee.
  • The Jackson children had fun doing moves in the ring with their papas.
  • Luchasaurus lamented his sorrows about losing his tail. He phoned Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy took the call via banana. Luchasaurus explained his troubles. Jungle Boy checked inside his own trunks then suggested someone else who might help.
  • Kenny Omega discussed his pre-match and post-match rituals. He prepares with a 1 rep max and 1000 grams of caffeine to make his muscles so round and full. After, Omega benches until failure. He leaned back to do reps with 10 pound plates. Omega quickly exhausted himself and couldn’t lift the bar off his chest anymore. Colt Cabana came in to assist. He was eating potato chips and dropping crumbs on Omega’s face. Once Omega realized it was Cabana, Omega became enraged. Cabana threw his chips at Omega then ran away.
  • Luchasaurus phoned Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer was annoyed that Luchasaurus hasn’t kept in contact. Dreamer had tried to book Luchasaurus on a show, but his rate increased 14 times due to exposure on AEW. Dreamer hung up on the dinosaur.
  • Hangman Page noticed a tweet from Isiah Kassidy plotting to rob Hangman. Hangman called someone with a job offer.
  • Brandon Cutler was trolled by Peter Avalon via video call. They argued about who actually lost their tag team match last week on BTE. They called Scorpio Sky as an unbiased judge. Sky said they both lost. Avalon claimed he could beat both Sky and Avalon. That led to a three-way challenge.
  • Sky won the three-way. It was a competitive burst of a bout. Sky pinned both men to win after a TKO to Avalon on top of Cutler.
  • Luchasaurus phoned Joey Ryan. Ryan was also upset about being ignored by Luchasaurus since he signed with AEW. Ryan hung up, but the call left Luchasaurus thinking about Super Panda.
  • Nick Jackson was doing sit-ups with a 45 pound plate. Matt Jackson came into the home gym to discuss the 200th episode of BTE. They teased a special match. Matt was hesitant, so Nick left to speak with the authority figures to get the match he wanted.

“Part 2” - Being The Elite, Ep. 199 (here) featured:

  • Matt Hardy went over the rules for an Under the Limit Battle Royale. New entrant every 60 seconds. Jobbers can enter in groups of two. The winner gets to main event BTE 200 and choose the match.
  • SCU chatted about the battle royale. Frankie Kazarian drew one of the worst numbers. Scorpio Sky also has a bad number. Christopher Daniels wasn’t paying attention then asked them what number they got. Kaz and Sky walked off.
  • Private Party was in their backyard when the doorbell rang. “It better not be Hangman “Pussy” Page.” The dude who owned that house came home. Private Party were yearning to wrestle, so they beat him up with teamwork maneuvers. The doorbell rang again, and it was a teddy bear. The bear hit them with a flying crossbody. Some creepazoid was plotting in the background.
Being the Elite
  • Britt Baker spoke with Tony Schiavone and Benigno Bodega on video call. Bodega claimed Tony despises JR’s “Boomer Sooner” song and still has heat with Mick Foley for spoiling his big win on Nitro. Bodega predicted that Tony will receive a call about his true meaning in life. Bodega also revealed that Tony has a cavity. Tony hung up then received another call. It was Starbucks to offer him head barista at an Atlanta location.
  • Luchasaurus had nightmares about his mother, Super Panda, and Taya cutting the head of Vibora in Lucha Underground.
  • Kenny Omega had to use the bathroom, but it had been occupied for 45 minutes. Colt Cabana was the person inside the bathroom. Omega flexed his EVP muscle to use the handicap bathroom. Cabana was behind that door as well. Cabana threw a roll of toilet paper to Omega so he could go potty outside. Omega vowed to get revenge.
  • Under the Limit Battle Royale. SCU, Young Bucks, jobbers Team High Risk, Peter Avalon, and Brandon Cutler were the participants. The bout had humor and quality action. It came down to Nick vs Matt. Nick won via German suplex on the apron to eliminate Matt. Nick picked the match for BTE 200. Buck vs Buck, anywhere goes, no disqualification.

We’ll close with a heroic story from Cody Rhodes.

Saving puppy lives by day, winning wrestling matches by night. Three cheers for Cody!

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