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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (April 15, 2020): Moxley vs. Hager

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we're looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This episode comes our way from a tapings on closed sets in Florida & Georgia. Advertised for tonight: Jon Moxley defends the AEW World title against Jake Hager, and another TNT Championship Tournament quarterfinal sees Colt Cabana go up against Lance Archer. Plus, Chuck Taylor vs. Kip Sabian, Britt Baker in action, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


Worship the ground you barely walk on, you give of yourself but your angels are gone. Deny your body is screaming, but your heart and your soul they’re bleeding. Just to fall asleep is a godsend, until your demons appear again. I am a witness to your demise, and also to this pro wrestling show that I’m about to liveblog, folks.

The show opens with Jake “the Snake” Roberts cutting a promo.

He talks about how the TNT Championship was made for Lance Archer, because he commands attention when he walks into a room. In their minds, that title belt is a ball, and do you really want to take this ball away from his dog? Each time Lance wins he knows he’s getting a little closer to what they want, and he’s watched Colt Cabana for years.

He knows what he’s capable of, and he’s got some stuff, but he’s not near good enough to overcome 270 pounds of raw steel with an attitude. Archer was forced to Japan just to make a living and he’s pissed off. He’s got something nobody else has, and he’s a friggin’ animal. Listen to Jake or regret it, it’s your choice.

Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho are on commentary and they break the show down for us.

Colt Cabana gets a rebuttal to Jake’s promo about how he’s capable and has worked everywhere and his track record is as good or better than Lance Archer’s. He’s here to come from underneath and prove himself and he’s not looking past Archer in any way. He’s a big bad dude, but he’s beaten big bad dudes before, and his goal is to hold AEW gold.

Before the match, Archer destroys some wrestlers in the “crowd” and nails Cabana with a hard forearm!

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana vs. Lance Archer (AEW TNT Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match)

After the bell, Colt rushes in with forearms of his own but Lance swats him down! Off the ropes, Cabana with a flying forearm, whip into the corner, he slips out and goes under for double chops but Archer fires up and pounces him down! To the floor, Colt drops him off the apron but Lance is smart enough to walk away from a dive so Boom Boom repositions himself in the ring to wait.

Archer back inside, Cabana outside, trading places, back inside, wristlock on the monster, whip into the corner, going for the Flying Asshole but Lance catches him and slams him for two! Piefacing him, clawing at Colt’s eyes, referee Aubrey Edwards warns him off but he threatens her before going back on the attack. Desperate chops from Cabana, trying to hold him off but Archer catches him and destroys him with a short-arm lariat!

Laying forearms in, boot to the face, a wicked forearm sets up a turning Vader Bomb and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Archer lands a boot to the face but Cabana is full of resolve and staggers to his feet for a hard elbow to the jaw! Lance presses the attack on him, corner lariat, knocking him aside, Archer up top for a dive but Colt rolls out of the way! Bionic Elbow, headscissors takeover, Cabana rallying, Flying Asshole connects, Super Porky splash gets two!

Right hands, Lance with the goozle, Colt swats it off, Flip, Flop, & Fly! Archer off the ropes... POUNCE! Goozle, huge chokeslam, lying in wait... CABANA COUNTERS THE POUNCE WITH A FOREARM! Up top, Lance with a palm strike, crucifix lift...

Lance Archer wins by pinfall with the Blackout.

We get a Dr. Britt Baker, DMD video package where she lays out her rules for being a role model.

Rule one is always fight fair, which she uses to criticize Hikaru Shida’s technique from last week, having her nose broken and whatnot.

We get a hype reel of Ariel Helwani and Taz commenting on Jake Hager vs. Jon Moxley and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get Taz breaking Jake Hager’s standing arm triangle down and explaining how it works, which is pretty cool.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Cassandra Golden

Circling, Baker with a kick to the shin, toying with Golden. She follows it up with a superkick, Cassandra crawls to the ropes and Britt slides out to the apron under her to toy with her some more before choking her over the middle rope. Making her bite the bottom rope... STOMP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD wins by pinfall with a stomp to the back of the head.

Ron Funches and Mike Goldberg weigh in on Moxley vs. Hager to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get an Inner Circle video package entitled “The Bubbly Bunch” that I miss the beginning of because my girlfriend is very sweet and insisted on giving me my birthday present early. Anyway, it appears to be Ortiz and Santana talking shit about the Young Bucks. Oh wait, we cut to Jake Hager at poolside with his kids and Chris Jericho’s on the call, too, so they’re all talking shit about their enemies and sharing bad jokes.

Sammy Guevara vs. Suge D

If you’re not familiar with Suge’s work from Chikara, Freelance, and elsewhere on the indies, you certainly remember him as Pineapple Pete from last week.

Circling, Guevara stalling and chatting with referee Aubrey Edwards, waistlock takedown into a ride and Sammy walks away cocky and sits in the ropes. Collar and elbow, into the corner, side headlock, D tries to shoot him off but Guevara slides row. Suge counters to a knuckle lock, poppin’ and lockin’ into a chop, big springboard lucha armdrag and he’s fired up!

Sammy nails him with a hard knee to the face, action to the floor and back in, front chancery sets up a delayed vertical suplex for two! Choking Suge over the middle rope, kicking the rope into his throat, drawing him up, fireman’s carry, doing squats, dropping him, trading strikes, D trying to pull himself up the ropes but he’s just spent and Guevara hammers him with an overhand chop.

Whip stopped short, Suge takes a seat, small package... NOT ENOUGH! Sammy explodes to vertical with a lariat, but D dodges a followup charge, double chops, a hard knee to the face, uppercut, Suge is fired up! Guevara shoves him off the ropes, criss cross... A HUGE KNEE TO THE FACE! Argentine backbreaker rack... FEAST YOUR EYES! Sammy slow to make the cover...

Sammy Guevara wins by pinfall with Feast Your Eyes.

Post-match, Sammy calls for the mic and cuts a promo while standing over Suge’s unconscious form.

He says that was light work for a Spanish God and he can go two more rounds, or to the very first round, because he wants to spoil what happens in the TNT Championship Tournament. Spoiler: Sammy Guevara beats the shit out of Darby Allin. By example, he grabs Suge’s wrists and starts kicking his head in— DARBY ALLIN MAKES THE SAVE!

”Big” John McCarthy and Excalibur offer their takes on Moxley vs. Hager to send us to break.

Chuck Taylor vs. Kip Sabian

Collar and elbow, Taylor with a wristlock, reversed, Chuck with a side headlock takeover, Sabian with a headscissors counter, stalemate! Go behind to a waistlock, drop toehold, front chancery, Taylor in control but Kip reverses back to a wristlock. Side headlock, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, Chuck with a leg pick rolled into a single leg crab!

Spilling out to the floor, Kip wants a breather, Taylor out after him, back inside, springboard into a lariat and he puts boots to Taylor! Kick on a charge, scoop and a slam sets up an elbow drop but Sabian won’t stay down. Chops in the corner, charging in, back body drop to the apron and Kip drops him to the floor with a knee. Baseball slide dodged, Chuck suplexes him onto the apron!

Back inside, moonsault comes up empty and Sabian hits a missile dropkick for a nearfall! Stomp to the back, whip into the corner, uppercut into an elbow, whip across, enzuigiri, roll through into a Penalty Kick... NOT ENOUGH! Dumping Taylor to the floor, Penelope Ford with a cheap shot while Orange Cassidy keeps Sabian under control with the threat of violence.

Ford pressing the attack, Kip pulls Chuck in for a cover but comes up empty. Knees to the back, kneeling surfboard, thence to the corner, another missed moonsault but Taylor lands on his feet for a Michinoku Driver! Front kicks, forearms, Chuck laying into him, Kip floats over the suplex but Chuck pops him up for the Liger Bomb! Back and forth, Sabian with a punch, dragon screw neck whip, no dice!

Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Taylor counters a tornado DDT into Sole Food! He gets distracted by Penelope, Sabian capitalizes but Orange Cassidy distracts him in turn and Chuck cuts Kip off. Jimmy Havoc attacks Orange... FISHERMAN DDT ON THE FLOOR! Ford with a diving Frankensteiner, Sabian pounces...

Kip Sabian wins by pinfall with a bridging folding press.

Dan Soder and Ortiz chime in on Moxley vs. Hager to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Shawn Spears’ loss last week and a victory over Billy Gunn on Dark from last night.

Justin Law vs. Shawn Spears

Circling, Spears goes behind, snapmare, toying with him, back to the lockup, waistlock into a wristlock, another snapmare. Shawn gets on his knees and offers the amateur wrestling position to Law, who immediately rolls him up for two! Waistlock, back elbow in the corner, Spears is pissed and lays chops and stomps in before decapitating him with a short-arm lariat!

Fireman’s carry...

Shawn Spears wins by pinfall with C4.

Commentary hypes up next week’s show, including Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy, before informing us that our main event is next, with Jim Ross on solo commentary.

Josh Thomson and Santana offer up their thoughts on Moxley vs. Hager to send us to break.

Jake Hager vs. Jon Moxley (c) (AEW World Championship No Holds Barred Empty Arena Match)

Circling, Moxley keeping his distance as Hager tries to shoot in but Jake gets a front chancery and Jon forces him into the turnbuckles. Switching him up, grabbing at his arm, Hager breaks away. Jake shoots in again, but Mox gets him into the ropes and picks his leg. Walking him into the middle of the ring, single leg takedown into mount! Hager fighting from guard, he slips away.

Back feeling out, Jake gets the front chancery and turns it into a takedown only for Moxley to reverse to a Fujiwara armbar! Hager clasps the hands to break but Jon rolls him through into a cross armbar attempt! Jake nails him with a hard right and they break. Mox tells him he’s strong and goes back in with the leg pick but Hager remains on his feet.

Trip him up, maneuver the leg around, Hager breaks away and we get a clean break. Into the corner again, knee connects but Mox fights back with forearms before cornering him for mounted punches. Thinking about the double wristlock, he’s got it but transitions to a stepover toehold. Looking for an STF, Jake breaks away and Jon grabs a front chancery briefly.

Hager breaks free, stomps in the corner, Moxley gets to his feet and asks for more! Trading forearms in the middle of the ring, whip reversed and Jon hammers him with a knee before sending him to the floor. Looking for a cross armbar, Hager counters with forearms and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Hager in control, throwing Moxley into the barricade but the champ fires back and dumps him over the barricade! Jockeying for position on the floor, fighting into the crowd, Jake lands a wicked front kick to the jaw! Fighting through the rows of chairs, Mox with forearms, threading Hager’s legs through a railing... FIGURE FOUR LEGOCK AROUND THE RAILING!

Jake gets away but Jon knocks him around with chops, front chancery applied... HAGER WHIPS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE AND LAWN DARTS HIM INTO IT! Back to ringside, whipping Moxley into the steel steps before throwing him back into the ring, Vader Bomb denied and Jon hammers him with a running knee that leaves both men down and out. Slow to rise, trading staggering blows on unsteady feet, Hager gets some knees off but Moxley just fires up with heavy hands.

More knees, Jake capitalizes... DOCTOR BOMB CAN’T PUT THE CHAMPION DOWN!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Hager with a charging lariat in the corner, off the ropes for a second one, a third, Moxley ducks a short-arm lariat and hits a lariat of his own but he’s feeling the damage on his right arm and immediately regrets it! Looking for a piledriver, blocked, double leg into the ankle lock but Jon reverses to a pin for two. Back elbow in the corner, Hager up to the second for a dive and Mox catches him with a DDT!

Slow to capitalize, and Jake ends up hammering him with punches in the corner. Moxley fired up but he rolls to the floor, almost completely spent. Hager pulls him back inside and wedges a steel chair in between the ropes. Scoop him up, looking for the Oklahoma Stampede into the chair but Mox slips out! Full nelson, again Jon slips out but Jake is able to put him head-first into the chair... NOT ENOUGH!

Back to break, folks.

Back from commercial, Hager kneels on him before getting up, clearly trying to work out what’s gonna put the title around his waist. Chair in hand, Jake hammers the champion’s shin before picking the ankle and applying the ankle lock! Moxley fights out and into a bodyscissors takedown! Looking for the guillotine choke, Hager hosses him up and pries his arms apart, at which point we get a strike exchange.

Forearms on forearms, off the ropes, Mox throws the chair at him... PARADIGM SHIFT ON THE CHAIR! IT’S OVER!

Jon Moxley wins by pinfall with a Paradigm Shift on a steel chair to retain the AEW World Championship.

Moxley gets in the camera and says this title belongs to the fans and nobody’s taking it away from him. AEW’s the hottest promotion in the world and he is on top.

That’s the show, folks.

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