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AEW Dark recap (Apr. 14, 2020): Cody’s sources say Britt Baker is not a full dentist

Episode 29 of AEW Dark featured Cody Rhodes with juicy gossip and a singles bout between Shawn Spears and Billy of the Gunn Club.

Here’s the lineup with ratings (watch, solid, okay, pass) on which matches are worth your time:

  • Billy of the Gunn Club vs Shawn Spears (okay)

There was only one match this week. It took a little bit for the bout to get chugging. Whether you enjoy that fight or not, you’ll be entertained by Cody Rhodes on commentary.

Watch the show here.

Cody Rhodes and Tony Schiavone welcomed us to the broadcast. They handled commentary, while Dasha Gonzalez took care of ring announcer duties.

Billy of the Gunn Club vs Shawn Spears

Billy’s son, Austin, was ringside for support. Shawn Spears rolled solo without Tully Blanchard.

This match started with stalling tactics from Spears. The early highlight was Spears flexing his ass in Billy’s face.

Spears also apologized for a chop.

Once the action got pumping, Billy planted Spears with a face-smashing paydirt slam. Billy executed the Fame-Ass-er, but Spears rolled out of the ring after impact. Billy tossed Spears back inside the ropes. Billy then charged for a running splash. Spears evaded and capitalized on Billy’s error with a C4 finisher to win.

Shawn Spears wins!!! That’s pretty much all of I have to say about that match. He’s been a perennial loser in 2020. Good for Spears to get back on the winning track.

The star of this episode was Cody Rhodes. He was spilling gossip and sharing amusing anecdotes.

Cody had the audacity to speculate that Britt Baker is not a full dentist. Tony Schiavone brought up Baker’s name when Spears complained about being hit in the mouth. Cody responded with, “I have respect for the fact that Britt went to school and all that. And I understand we regularly hit that she’s a dentist in all marketing, commentary, every aspect of the AEW life, but I don’t think Britt is a full practicing dentist. I think Britt is a dental assistant. And I have my own hooks in the dental world, because my mother works at a dentist office. Her dentist, the guy she works for, is the worst.”

I can’t wait for Baker’s reply, especially since her best bud Tony didn’t stand up for her.

Cody also shared a story about Billy being the best athlete the professional wrestling business has ever seen. “A great road story, an urban legend that has been validated and proven about Billy is that he actually beat Dwayne Johnson. He beat him in a footrace on the side of the road when they were traveling the roads in the 90s.” That story should become an animated tale with Billy narrating.

Who stood out most for episode 29 of AEW Dark? Are you happy that Spears picked up the win?

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