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Broken Matt Hardy writes down some unwritten rules for BTE

There’s a lot going on in the new Being The Elite, entitled “Part 1”. It’s the build-up to the 200th episode of The Young Bucks’ game-changing YouTube series, after all!

So we’ve got all your regular favorites like Matt & Nick, Hangman, and Kenny, plus guest appearances from Impact’s Tommy Dreamer & Joey Ryan (wearing his old tag partner Candice LeRae’s merch, no less). It ends on a teaser for a huge match on BTE 200.

You can watch the whole thing yourself (it’s embedded above). Or if you don’t have 23+ minutes to spare, Manolo will break all that down for you on Wednesday in his AEW Rewind feature.

In the meantime, though, wanted to make you aware that - thanks to this episode - a squash match is no longer just an inside or “smart” term. It’s an actual stipulation. Broken Matt Hardy even wrote down the previously unwritten rules!

BTE’s YouTube channel

The squash match which happens on the episode is worth a watch, too. Not so much for the expected outcome (spoiler warning... SCU wins), but for the haunting-yet-beautiful rendition of “Iron Man” by the BTE Compound Children’s Choir.

It’s gonna be hard to top. Place your bets for episode 200!

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