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Reminder: Becky Lynch is still good at the whole Twitter thing

Becky Lynch isn’t nearly as active on social media as she once was. In 2018, her rise from under-appreciated, under-utilized fan favorite to face of the company was fueled by clever tweets and Instagram stories. From that year’s Survivor Series to WrestleMania 35, many of her posts were aimed at Ronda Rousey - and landed with such devastating effect there were rumors the company asked Lynch to go easier on Rousey.

That’s all why The Man’s contribution to the past week’s internet conversation is so great. Sent Saturday night at the peak of the Ronda-centric controversy, you think Becky is about to her address her old target... but it’s a 2020 Rickroll.

What we get instead is a perfectly in-character reaction to something else much of the WWE roster has been keeping busy with during the pandemic.

So just remember. She may not be doing it much these days, but Bex is still very good at the whole Twitter thing.

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