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MLW Fusion: Flaming tables, donkey shows, and a title match in Mexico

MLW went south of the border for the MLW vs AAA Super Series in Tijuana, Mexico. Episode 105 of Fusion featured Mance Warner & Savio Vega against Pagano & Mortiz in a street fight and Alexander Hammerstone defending his National Openweight Championship against Laredo Kid.

On to a recap and review of the show...

A scenic presentation introduced the MLW vs AAA Super Series from Tijuana. The Mexican national anthem played during opening ceremonies.

Alicia Atout interviewed Mance Warner. Congratulations were given for kicking MJF out of MLW. Warner accused Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday of visiting a donkey show. Savio Vega stopped by to say he was ready for any kind of action. Mancer was eager to open light beers and get bloody.

Bario Street Fight: Pagano & Mortiz vs Mance Warner & Savio Vega

Pagano’s entrance had a grainy camera effect for his MLW debut. Alexander Hammerstone was a guest on commentary. He ended up leaving early when he was notified that his order was ready for pick-up at a Mexican pharmacy.

This bout was wild brawling with the usage of foreign objects. Savio Vega stabbed BBQ skewers into Pagano’s head. Mortiz hit a suicide dive to send all four through a wooden board. Mance Warner and Mortiz went to war with chairshots. Vega powerbombed Mortiz onto a car hood. Pagano and Warner exchanged spears through wooden doors. Mortiz had a flying splash through a table.

As crazy as all the above sounds, one of the top spots, in my opinion, was Pagano with a somersault plancha while the skewers were still in his head. The other piece of insanity involved fire. Mortiz lit a table then tried to Spanish Fly Warner onto the flame. Warner countered into a super chokeslam through the fire.

Hammerstone lied about the pharmacy. Or at least he lied about leaving at that moment. He made a surprise run-in to bicycle kick Warner.

For the finish, Vega placed a chair atop a prone Pagano. Vega went high-risk and paid the price when Pagano lifted the chair to hit Vega’s nether regions upon impact. Pagano picked up the win with a rolling neckbreaker to Vega.

MLW posted a scoreboard with AAA in the lead 1-0.


King Mo lost his appeal. He is suspended for one moth and fined $10,000 for assaulting Killer Kross with a baseball bat.

Tom Lawlor responded to the sanctions on King Mo. Just when a plan is coming together, MLW stepped in to stop Team Filthy. It will only be a delay for the inevitable. Team Filthy will adapt. Dominic Garrini and Lawlor are entering the tag team division. It is time that the Von Erichs quit hiding and defend the tag titles.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic.

Alexander Hammerstone entered Rich Holliday’s hotel room in a panic. Hammer was in his undies, while Holliday was fully dressed and passed out on the bed. Both were super hungover from partying at the donkey show. Hammer implied that MJF may have gotten too close to the donkey. They also remembered that Gino Medina left with a couple of spicy mamas. Hammer and Holliday realized that they were scheduled to wrestle. They ran out of the room to get prepared.

PWI released their top 10 contenders to the MLW World Heavyweight Championship:
10. Dominic Garrini
9. Low Ki
8. Richard Holliday
7. Mance Warner
6. King Mo
5. Tom Lawlor
4. Brian Pillman Jr.
3. Myron Reed
2. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
1. Alexander Hammerstone
Champ: Jacob Fatu

Health update on Brian Pillman Jr. after he was curb stomped by Injustice. Pillman has a fractured mandible and dislocated temporomandibular joint.

Injustice sent a message to MLW CEO Court Bauer. Jordan Oliver isn’t paying the $10,000 fine, and he has no remorse for what happened to Pillman. Kotto Brazil was just filming the skirmish. Myron Reed would still do it again two or three more times. They will get their justice.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. was on his way to chat business with Bauer about a Heavyweight Championship fight against Jacob Fatu. Smith was wearing amazing gold shoes.

Josef Samael reminded us that the Contra Unit is embarking on a mission to prepare for upcoming war.

Alicia Atout spoke with Konnan about the MLW vs AAA Super Series. He was excited to watch Hammerstone versus Laredo Kid. Injustice interrupted to declare their desire for the AAA Trios titles. Konnan made that match against the Jinetes del Aire (Hijo del Vikingo, Octagon Jr., & Myzteziz Jr.).

Psycho Clown accepted LA Park’s trios challenge. Psycho is coming for Park’s head. He will break Park into pieces.

Atout interviewed Hammerstone about his title defense. Hammer was cranky about discussion of a Dynasty losing streak. All he does is win. They should be talking about his championship winning streak.

Commentary mentioned that Mance Warner was causing a ruckus backstage about wanting to get hands on Hammerstone.

National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone vs Laredo Kid

Laredo Kid hit the first big move of the match with a flying crossbody down to the floor. Laredo tried another flying crossbody inside the ring, but Alexander Hammerstone caught him, pressed him, then slammed him via uranage.

Hamerstone hit the Spinal Countdown early, but it wasn’t enough to put Laredo away. Laredo fired back with a missile dropkick, a suicide dive, moonsaults, and a 450 splash.

The finish involved referee shenanigans. Hammerstone accidentally clotheslined the ref when Laredo ducked out. Laredo took control with a Spanish Fly to the big man, however, the ref was still unconscious. Laredo left the ring to revive the official. Hammerman capitalized on the confusion to attack Laredo with a German suplex and a powerbomb. Hammerstone grabbed the referee to make sure he was paying attention. The champ’s Nightmare Pendulum finished the match.

Scoreboard: MLW 1 - AAA 1.

Commentary shouted about Warner throwing security around backstage as the show closed.

The beginning of the MLW vs AAA Super Series was wild. I was not expecting to hear tales of a donkey show when I sat down to view episode 105 of Fusion. Poor MJF. I don’t want to read too much into why he is getting an MRI, but it seems sketchy and gross. That’s a weird way to keep MJF in our memories.

After that scene from Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic, the Dynasty without Maxwell is starting to remind me of D-Generation X without Shawn Michaels. MJF and Michaels were the clear leaders of each faction. When Michaels left, D-X stepped up their zaniness on the way to greater heights of popularity. I can envision the Dynasty doing the same.

Alexander Hammerstone had an impressive title defense. His intense hangover makes the win even more special. Laredo Kid was flashy and hit his arsenal of sweet moves. The tease of winning without the referee there to count upped Laredo’s status despite the loss. I wonder if Laredo is getting booked as such since AAA wouldn’t want their Cruiserweight Champion to look weak.

The street fight was intense. What the match lacked in technical execution, it made up for with insanity. Mortiz was going hard with those chairs. As much as Mortiz gave, he also took. He shrugged off unprotected chairshots to his own dome. I guess someone never got the concussion memo. And, there was the crazy table of fire that Mortiz crashed through. That luchador has no fear.

Pagano’s MLW debut showed exactly who he is to anyone who’s never seen him before. He is a brawler with his share of awkwardness. Pagano is not the cleanest in the ring, but he does put on a good show. I’m curious what MLW has planned for his path in their promotion. Fighting Mance Warner makes sense for hardcore mayhem, but Ole Mancer might be too occupied with the Dynasty.

What I enjoyed most about MLW in Mexico was the pomp and circumstance. The introduction was cool with the scenic shots across the country. The national anthem ceremony provided a level of prestige. The scoreboard adds an element that this competition is truly important.

What was your favorite moment from episode 105 of Fusion?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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