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AAA Roundup: Los Ingobernables run wild, love in the air, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup with a focus on Nacemos Para Luchar from Cancun. There’s not much news this week, so let’s enjoy the final fresh matches from AAA before the coronavirus pandemic canceled all the fun.

Down in Cancun, Los Ingobernables had a party beating up luchadores.

Love was in the air as well. Mr. Iguana spoke with puppet Yesca to declare his intention to court La Hiedra. Mr. Iguana feels a connection with Hiedra. They have magic chemistry and will make a nice couple.

Australian Suicide and Vanilla lounged poolside. He is tired of the disgusting food in Mexico. Someone needs to teach them fashion. Australian will show Mexico how to dance. Vanilla also knows how to dance, and he knows it. It sounded like she was referring to action between the sheets.

Let’s jam through the two Cancun episodes of Nacemos Para Luchar. This session is the final taping AAA has before the coronavirus pandemic shut down future shows. It was also supposed to be the go-home show to Rey de Reyes.

The best match from Cancun was Mocho Cota Jr. & Carta Brava Jr. versus LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park (here). It was a rough and tumble lucha libre bash. The biggest spectacle was the main event for part 2. Los Ingobernables put a brutal beating on Blue Demon Jr., Drago, and Laredo Kid.

Nacemos Para Luchar: Cancun, part 1

Part 1 (here) featured feuds building with Lady Shani against Lady Maravilla and La Hiedra, Jinetes del Aire against Los Mercenarios, Australian Suicide against Hijo del Vikingo, and Averno against Pentagon.

Keyra, Lady Maravilla, & Villano III Jr. defeated Dinastia, Niño Hamburguesa, & Lady Shani. La Hiedra ran down in the middle of the match to put the boots to Shani. That was to advance the Shani vs Hiedra & Maravilla story that is budding. In the end, Maravilla hit Niño with a flying crossbody on the floor. Shani took out Keyra with a backcracker on the apron. Villano and Dinasta went one-on-one for the winning pin. Dinastia kicked out after a super slam. Villano kicked out after missing a flying senton. Villano connected on his next high impact attempt. A flying dropkick to a rope-hung Dinastia was enough for victory.

Los Mercenarios defeated Jinetes del Aire. Texano, Rey Escorpion, and Hiedra represented Los Mercenarios. The Jinetes started with fire early, but Los Mercenarios used foreign objects to take control. The Jinetes rebounded with a triple moonsault to the floor. For the finish, Hijo del Vikingo and Octagon Jr. suffered miscommunication when a flying Vikingo crashed into Octagon. In the ring, Texano crushed Myzteziz Jr. with a German suplex. Texano and Rey Escorpion used a teamwork neckbreaker for the win on Myzteziz.

After the match, Australian Suicide ran down to beat up Vikingo. Australian danced over Vikingo’s broken body. Vikingo had a backstage promo declaring that he is coming after Australian.

OGT’s defeated Psycho Clown, Pentagon, & Fenix. The finish got rowdy when Psycho did a step-up cannonball off the ring post onto Chessman and Averno. Fenix did a Spanish Fly with Superfly onto Psycho and Chessman. In the ring, Averno kicked Pentagon in the nuts and yanked off his mask to score a roll-up win. Referee Hijo del Tirantes had been knocked to the mat and missed all the chicanery before counting to three.

Backstage, Averno cut a promo about showing Pentagon who is the true superstar.

Nacemos Para Luchar: Cancun, part 2

Part 2 (here) featured Los Ingobernables running wild on the competition.

OGT’s defeated Pagano, Drago & Puma King. Bonus match from Rey de Reyes 2019 in Puebla. This contest will be remembered for Puma King coming up short on a sunset flip powerbomb to Superfly off the apron onto a table. Superfly ended up banging his head/neck against the table ledge instead of crashing through. It looked like serious pain. Averno won the match with a super double underhook slam.

LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park defeated Mocho Cota Jr. & Carta Brava Jr. Equal parts physical and flippy. In the end, the Parks took out Brava with a teamwork neckbreaker. Cota hit Park Jr. with a chair. Hijo dropkicked that same chair into the face of Cota. Hijo then won with a belly-to-back piledriver.

Los Ingobernables defeated Blue Demon Jr., Drago, & Laredo Kid. Park grabbed a mic to call Blue Demon a donkey for using a hammer and cinder block on Dr. Wagner Jr. Now, the world cheers for Blue Demon. Park then swore at the fans. Los Ingobernables took the fight to the tecnicos. Park powerbombed Blue Demon onto a beer cooler. The plastic box shattered. Bestia del Ring used the cooler for a flying senton onto Drago. Park took the remnants to smash Drago some more.

The rudos beat the stuffing out of the tecnicos for ten solid minutes. Psycho Clown, Pentagon, and Fenix had to come out to cause a distraction for the tecnicos to power up. The fight was a little more even after that, but Los Ingobernables still had control.

For the finish, Park ate a couple of superkicks and a double clothesline from Blue Demon and Laredo. They went for a two-man cover, but the referee was pulled out of the ring by Bestia. Park powerbombed Laredo onto the cooler on the floor. Drago and Blue Demon were hit with chairs. Park powerbombed Drago onto open chairs. Bestia connected on a flying senton to Blue Demon. Los Ingobernables formed a triangle over the two bodies and stepped on their chests for the winning pin.

Parting thoughts about Nacemos Para Luchar.

I was wondering how Los Mercenarios would justify getting another Trios title shot at Rey de Reyes after losing quickly at the show in Tonala. Not that AAA needs to justify any matches they ever make, but it was nice to see Los Mercenarios win to set it up.

It’s odd that Vampiro’s behind the scenes finagling was omitted. AAA produced videos of Vampiro putting together Blue Demon Jr., Drago, and Laredo Kid as a team. Those were not used for whatever reason. It’s probably better for Vampiro with the way his squad was thoroughly dismantled. He doesn’t have to take the blame.

Los Ingobernables are such an unstoppable force that I wonder what the plan was for their future before the coronavirus pandemic canceled AAA shows. They had been scheduled to wrestle Psycho Circus at Rey de Reyes, and there are wishful rumors of LA Park vs Rush in mask vs hair for Triplemania in August. That makes me question if there would have been a confrontation between Park and Rush at Rey de Reyes.

What’s your theory on how AAA planned to handle Los Ingobernables?