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Another NXT kidnapping!

A few weeks back, Raul Mendoza was ambushed in the parking lot and abducted by men in luchador masks. We haven’t seen him since.

Tonight the masked kidnappers struck again.

After losing to Kushida, Joaquin Wilde was being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell when an SUV sped up to them, halted to a step, and the masked men once again emerged. They took Wilde and drove away.

Now this may just be coincidence, but both Mendoza and Wilde had just lost to Kushida when this happened. But we can’t completely disregard it as coincidence just yet. I know if I were about to fight Kushida, I’d consider some security to escort me to my car afterwards.

Some have speculated the former King Cuerno, Jorge Bolly, is behind this. Any other guesses? Let us know below.

You can find the results from tonight’s live blog here.

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