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Showing weakness in front of Mr. McMahon, er, I mean Mr. Brodie, is a very bad idea

Brodie Lee has come to AEW as the Exalted One of the Dark Order, in what looks like a parody of Vince McMahon.

That continued this week (Apr. 1) on Dynamite in a segment where Lee, dressed in business attire, was leading a meeting with a couple Dark Order employees. He berated one of them for not saying a phrase with a specific tone, which could be a reference to Vince McMahon being upset when Luke Harper could not deliver a believable southern accent in WWE.

Brodie Lee demanded to be called Mr. Brodie. He demonstrated irrational anger by cursing and throwing objects when he was not addressed as such. And of course, Vince McMahon happens to have a knack for altering or abbreviating superstar names like Big E. Langston, Buddy Murphy, and Alexander Rusev. Oh, and he did it to Luke Harper too.

Another underling then learned that you should never yawn in front of Mr. Brodie, because being tired is a sign of weakness, and Mr. Brodie will not tolerate weakness in his presence. Is it a coincidence that Vince McMahon is well known for working crazy long hours, not getting much sleep, and demanding others keep up with his work ethic?

Give it a look and see for yourself how Mr. Brodie compares to Mr. McMahon.

Later in the episode when two Dark Order goons were on the losing end of a tag team match, the commentators called Mr. Brodie “demented” and said “I don’t know who would want to work for a man like Mr. Brodie.”

You guys, I don’t think AEW likes Vince McMahon all that much.

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