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AEW Rewind: Excalibur to join Death Triangle?, Allin Coffin Drop at 7-11, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

We’ll start with what seems like an April Fool’s prank. Excalibur to join Death Triangle?

I assume it is a joke, since there has been zero story for this development. If it is real, then I’m on board. Having Excalibur support them on commentary and in the back office could be an interesting wrinkle. Update: AEW officially announced that it was a prank.

Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin have a first-round matchup in the TNT Championship tournament, but they may not wait until April 8 to fight. Sammy plotted Joe Alonzo to run up on Allin at 7-Eleven. It resulted in a Coffin Drop off the pay counter.

From a sports aspect, I thought this tidbit from Cody was interesting.

Wearing silver pants for home venues and gold pants for away venues is a cool touch.

AEW has new t-shirts for sale.

Road to Dynamite

AEW’s, “Road to Dynamite,” (here) featured:

If you missed the news yesterday, half of the tournament participants were announced on Dark. The other half will be announced tonight on Dynamite.

Being the Elite

“Life At Home” - Being The Elite, Ep. 197 (here) featured:

  • Musical montage of Nick Jackson setting up a coffee shop at home.
  • Nick Jackson injury update. He had been recovering playing arcade games. He also welcomed a new baby to the family.
  • The Bucks and Brandon Cutler worked out at Nick’s home gym. Matt won’t shave until the quarantine is over. Matt coughed and freaked out Cutler. Cutler wiped down the bench with sanitizer. Matt took offense to them thinking he has coronavirus.
  • Kenny Omega provided an update. They had a skeleton crew at Dynamite last week. Omega was called into duty to defend the AAA Megacameponato. His hand wasn’t healed 100%. Omega also came to be in a completely different city than Colt Cabana. He covered every nook and there is no Cabana there. The TV in the background all of a sudden showed Cabana’s head floating on the screen. Omega lunged for the TV, but the head disappeared. He then lost his marbles shouting in frustration.
  • Christopher Daniels had a quarantine 50th birthday with several different laptops. His gifts were a mask, two bottles of water, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Kaz squeezed in his “Do Ya!?!” routine when his wife wished CD well. She threw a shoe at Kaz. Frankie’s gift was a Monster beverage. Time for cake. CD forgot to lower his mask to blow out the candles. He also received a new sweatshirt from his family.
  • Peter Avalon drank a beverage while watching Cutler lose to Cabana on Dark. Avalon was lounging in a silky robe. He called Cutler using a home phone. Avalon laughed at Cutler being a loser. Cutler pointed out that Avalon also lost to Cabana.
  • Luchasaurus halfheartedly practiced strikes. He put on a sports coat to sit in a green room (sauna?). The dinosaur spoke with dummy Bob. Luchasaurus has survived lots of ages. He can’t do this anymore. He’s sad about losing his tail. Luchasaurus has to go ‘home’ to find his tail.
  • Matt is on quarantine with family. He misses his friends and the fans. Time for a Q&A. Research was the hardest part of writing his book. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get a tattoo. Maui will be the first place Matt takes his family when this is all over. The movie theater would be another choice as something more local.
  • Hangman Page arrived at his house, tossed his car keys into the lawn, then locked all his doors. We got a glimpse of how he spent his time. Hangman skipped on answering a phone call from Nick. He took a dump without toilet paper. He put on his gear to practice wrestling moves. Hangman skipped a call from Omega. He watched Tiger King with a matching outfit and facial hair to Joe Exotic. He skipped a call from Cody Rhodes. Hangman peaked out his windows then sat on the porch drinking whiskey. The last action was skipping a call from Matt.

We’ll close with a cool little animated spot of Cody’s moonsault off the top of the cage against Wardlow.

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