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AEW Rankings (Apr. 1, 2020): MJF needs to sue over screwjob in rankings

AEW released their latest rankings (Apr. 1, 2020). Let’s check out the movers and shakers.



My first reaction to the men’s rankings was, “Cool, the order has been shaken up.” Jake Hager moved up from #4 to #2. Kenny Omega moved up one spot from #5 to #4. The big surprise was Darby Allin cracking the top 5. I didn’t realize he’s picked up 4 wins this year.

That’s when I noticed who got the bump. MJF went from #2 to out the door. Shocking!

I have to wonder, since AEW is short of staff in these coronavirus times, if Cody Rhodes made these rankings and removed MJF out of spite. I’m trying to work out logical reasons for MJF’s removal, and I can’t come up with one.

I was thinking perhaps inactivity. MJF’s last singles match was a win over Cody at Revolution on February 29. MJF did have a trios bout squeezed in there on March 11. That led me to investigate Omega’s activity. He has been highly ranked over a similar span of time from February 26 to March 25 between singles matches. So, maybe you have to wrestle once per calendar month? Nope. Chris Jericho remains #1, and his last singles match was losing the AEW World Championship to Jon Moxley at Revolution. That’s the same time frame as MJF.

This feels like a screwjob to MJF. It is time for him to place a call to a member of his Dynasty faction from MLW. I’m sure Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father would be excited to take this case.

Aside from the MJF situation, let’s have fun by dissecting the records of the wrestlers ranked. Hager being ranked #2 feels inflated due to the weak quality of his wins. His in-ring AEW debut victory over Dustin Rhodes at Revolution should score points. Hager passed through Jobber City to pick up his other three wins: QT Marshall, Joe Alonzo, and Chico Adams.

Let’s look at Cody’s wins: Darby Allin, Kip Sabian, Wardlow, Ortiz, and Jimmy Havoc. That’s much more impressive than Hager’s list. Cody does have a loss to MJF. You would have to weigh if that loss is heavier than Hager’s run through Chumpsville.

Let’s take a peak at Kenny Omega’s record. He defeated PAC in overtime of a 30-minute Iron Man match and successfully defended the AAA Megacampeonato against Sammy Guevara last week. In my book, that is more impressive than Hager driving throw Jabroni Junction.

Out of curiosity, let’s check out Allin’s record. He started the year with a loss to Cody, a win against Brandon Cutler, and a loss to PAC. Allin has ripped off three straight singles wins since then: Sammy Guevara, Kip Sabian, and Preston Vance. If style points are taken into consideration, Allin should not be in the rankings this week. Even though he picked up the win against Vance on Dark, he struggled mightily with a newcomer who isn’t even signed full-time to the AEW roster. It was a cool match worth checking out if you are an Allin fan, but that’s not the type of performance I would expect to boost you into the rankings.

That leads me to circle back around to MJF. His three wins are Joey Janela, Jungle Boy, and Cody. After examining the records, he definitely has a case for court. MJF could probably tack on monetary damages for suffering when the executive vice president Young Bucks threw him in a pool and laughed after he declared that he can’t swim.

There’s also the possibility that AEW is ribbing MJF with an April Fool’s prank, and order will be restored next week.

As for my personal picks for the top 5 this week, I would go:

5. Chris Jericho
4. Jake Hager
3. Cody Rhodes
2. MJF
1. Kenny Omega

Feel free to rip that to shreds in the comments.



No changes this week.

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No changes this week.

Do you agree with AEW’s rankings this week? If not, what would you change?

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