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AAA Roundup: Kenny Omega is coming for Laredo Kid, Vampiro rallying troops, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s catch up on the news from the past week. Kenny Omega called out Laredo Kid, Vampiro is plotting to take down Los Ingobernables, and there is a TV taping tonight.

We’ll start with tonight’s (Mar. 7) TV taping from Cancun, Quintana Roo. You can watch the live stream for free starting at 8 pm ET on AAA’s Twitch channels (English and Spanish). Here is the card as advertised:

  • Blue Demon Jr., Psycho Clown, & Laredo Kid vs Rush, LA Park, & Bestia del Ring
  • Drago, Pentagon, & Fenix vs Chessman, Averno, & Super Fly
  • Octagon Jr., Hijo del Vikingo, & Myzteziz Jr. vs Texano, Rey Escorpion, & La Hiedra
  • Hijo de LA Park & LA Park Jr. vs Mocho Cota Jr. & Carta Brava Jr.
  • Lady Shani, Dinastia, & Niño Hamburguesa vs Keyra, Villano III Jr., & Lady Maravilla
  • Octagoncito, Mr. Iguana, & Big Mami vs Australian Suicide, Parkita Negra, & Vanilla

Let’s move on to this week’s fresh stories with promo clips.

Kenny Omega called out Laredo Kid for having the audacity to challenge him for the Megacampeonato at Rey de Reyes on March 21. Omega is in heel mode as the foreigner to Mexico.

After Laredo Kid filled in at Fyter Fest, Omega wanted him to be repackaged in AEW as Lorenzo Kid. Instead, Laredo decided to become a bigger star in Mexico. Omega is confident he will win again.

The other interesting story this week is Vampiro rallying the troops to take down Los Ingobernables and Konnan. Vamp started by placing a call to Blue Demon Jr.

Vampiro reminded Blue Demon of the beating he received at the hands of Los Ingobernables at Guerra de Titanes. Los Ingobernables have been running roughshod ever since. Vampiro proposed that Blue Demon team with Drago and Laredo Kid to take back AAA. Blue Demon wasn’t interested, since he is feuding with Drago. However, Blue Demon is a professional and wants to kick out Los Ingobernables. Blue Demon will have Mr. Hammer (his preferred weapon of violence) by his side for support. Vampiro closed with a cheesy chuckle.

Vampiro then got on the horn for a three-way call to Drago and Laredo Kid.

He had to convince them to trust Blue Demon. Drago and Laredo decided that they will watch each other’s back and take the fight against Los Ingobernables.

It is unclear when this fight will take place. At Rey de Reyes, Los Ingobernables will wrestle Psycho Circus. Perhaps this is an audible to tonight’s Cancun card. Drago could slip into Psycho Clown’s slot in the main event. We shall see. This could also lead to Vampiro and Konnan finally having their final showdown in the ring.

Let’s jam through two episodes of Nacemos Para Luchar. On the agenda is the season debut from Mexico City that was filmed in January. AAA changes the title and theme every year. Thus, Conquista Total is now Nacemos Para Luchar.

The best match of the bunch was a four-way Mixed Tag Championship bout. This contest had constant action with all kinds of cool moves. It will definitely feed your fix for lucha libre action. Watch it here.

Nacemos Para Luchar: Mexico City, part 1

Part 1 featured (here) Mascarita Dorada becoming Mascarita Sagrada, a four-way Mixed Tag title match, a surprise from the Stronghearts, and Los Mercenarios looking for Trios gold.

Mr. Iguana, Mascarita Dorada, & Taya defeated Demus, Abismo Negro Jr., & La Hiedra. Mascarita pinned Demus to win after a dizzying display of whirlybird movement around Demus’ body.

After the match, AAA officially presented Mascarita with the Sagrada mask. He had been Dorada in the match. Los Ingobernables ruined the fun by putting the boots to Mascarita. Rush said the golden rivalry was with LA Park, but they should unite to destroy AAA instead. Park said we’ll see what happens. No pasa nada!

Mixed Tag Championship: Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla retained against Dinastia & Vanilla, Keyra & Arez, and Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa in a four-way. This was Maravilla’s first match in AAA since her head was shaved by Mami at Guerra de Titanes. Maravilla started with a ski cap, but Mami yanked it off later. For the finish, Dinastia and Arez fought over who would hit a super hurricanrana to Hamburguesa. Arez fell. Dinastia tried to get him with a crossbody, but Arez caught Dinastia. Niño splashed both of them. Villano flew in with a double stomp to break the pin. Maravilla rolled up Dinastia to win.

After the match, Mami officially forgave Niño for his past transgressions. Their friendship was worth more than gold. She wanted their partnership to continue. The fans chanted for a kiss. Instead, the Stronghearts came out to ambush Mami and Niño. They wanted to make a statement and stood tall holding the Japan flag.

Los Mercenarios defeated Hijo del Vikingo, Puma King, & Murder Clown. This match had cookie sheets, chairs, and La Hiedra interfering. The finish came down to Vikingo and Taurus. The bull was sitting on the turnbuckles. Vikingo sprang up for a big move, but Taurus trapped him into a super Rosa driver to win.

Rey Escorpion grabbed a mic to declare Los Mercenarios’ intentions to take the Trios titles from Los Jinetes del Aire.

Nacemos Para Luchar: Mexico City, part 2

Part 2 featured (here) Argenis defending his family honor, Psycho Circus reuniting, and the TV debut of the new Ingobernables.

Poder del Norte defeated Octagon Jr., Myzteziz Jr., & Dragon Bane. For the finish, the tecnicos attacked with a triple tope. They went for round two, but Poder del Norte ducked. Octagon and Myzteziz were picked up and smashed into each other. Poder then crushed Bane in the ring with their corner train attack then a frog splash from Mocho Cota Jr. to win. Poder added a little spice to their finisher by having Tito Santana and Carta Brava Jr. attack with topes to their opponents outside. It is like what Fenix does with a suicide dive after the teamwork package piledriver with Pentagon.

After the match, Argenis attacked Myzteziz. Argenis hit him with a superplex then took his mask. Argenis is still mad that Myzteziz is using the mask that belongs to Argenis’ family. Argenis is going to teach him respect in 2020. This will continue until Myzteziz accepts a match for the name or the mask.

Drago, Aerostar, & Pagano defeated Monster Clown, Blue Demon Jr., & Chessman. The rudos played a game of hide the hammer prior to the bell. The referee finally caught them. This match broke down into the three personal feuds of Blue Demon vs Drago, Monster vs Aerostar, and Chessman vs Pagano. For the finish, Pagano attempted a tope con hilo onto a seated Chessman. Chessman moved and Pagano collided with the chair. Aerostar went for a springboard crossbody down to the floor, but Monster caught him and dumped him on top of Pagano. In the ring, Blue Demon had his hammer. Drago blocked it, but Blue Demon spit BLUE MIST into Drago’s face. Blue Demon then hit Drago in the head with his hammer. The referee saw it and disqualified the rudos.

After the match, Blue Demon wanted to do more hammering on Drago. Monster Clown took the hammer and placed it on the mat as a sign that it crossed the line. Blue Demon didn’t like that, so he punched Monster. Chessman joined in on the pain to Monster. Psycho Clown and Murder Clown made the save to reunite Psycho Circus.

The end of that match transitioned into the next. Los Ingobernables came down for the main event to beat up Psycho. The Lucha Bros ran down to help their main event partner Psycho.

Psycho Clown, Fenix, & Pentagon defeated Los Ingobernables. Rush, LA Park, and Bestia del Ring ran wild. They ripped masks and put the tecnicos through tables. It was a pretty action-packed beginning. It eventually settled down into a proper bout. For the finish, Los Ingobernables kicked their opponents in the balls. They convinced referee Hijo del Tirantes to ignore what he saw. Triple pin, triple kick out. Los Ingobernables blamed Tirantes and beat him up in the corner. Los Ingobernables then took all three tecnico masks. Tirantes saw this and called for the DQ against the rudos.

This was an interesting show from Mexico City. Lots of story work and surprises took place. Much more so than the usual for 2019. Here’s to hoping the stories get to play out and are not brushed off to the side later in the year.

What was your favorite moment from Nacemos Para Luchar in Mexico City?

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