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AEW is teasing Matt Hardy for the Dark Order again

Earlier this week, Matt Hardy declared that he would make a decision about his wrestling future within the next 30 days. Based on this tweet tease from AEW, Hardy may have already made his choice.

Twitter sleuths have pointed out that the first letter of each line spells... Matt Hardy. There is also a hidden message at the bottom. “No one is safe.” I’m not sure how that message was seen, but multiple Twitter comments show it.

I’m still not sold though. AEW has teased Matt Hardy as the Exalted One so hard that I’m not buying the story of him trying to destroy the Elite. That’s what the Exalted One’s stated mission is. On the latest episode of Free The Delete, Hardy called the Young Bucks to his compound in a plea for assistance. Would the Bucks be unleashing their own worst enemy by helping Hardy?

Keep in mind, this speculation of Matt Hardy could all be poppycock and a fun way for AEW to rile up excitement for the eventual Exalted One reveal.

Does this newest message fall more as a confirmation of Matt Hardy as the Exalted One or a red herring for someone else? What theories do you have about that tweet?

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