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MLW Fusion: LA Park gets payback on Contra

MLW’s episode 99 of Fusion kicked off the tapings from Philadelphia. It featured an impromptu 6-man tag with the Dynasty, a barn burner with Laredo Kid & Zenshi versus Injustice, and a lumberjack match with the return of Los Parks against the Contra Unit.

On to a recap and review of the show...


Josef Samael briefed us on the Contra Unit’s current missions. From Japan to Philadelphia, the fire rises. In Suganuma Village, Ikuro Kwon is with Akihisa Mera. Mera trained the Sentai Death Squad. Contra is ready for war with many fronts. One front is the return of Los Parks. Contra will finish what was started.

Rich Talk

AJ Kirsch planned to introduce Mance Warner, but the Dynasty came out instead for an impromptu episode of Rich Talk. Richard Holliday was wearing the Caribbean Championship. Holliday demanded respect be shown to Alexander Hammerstone. It was not. Hammer grabbed the mic for hilarious lines. All he sees is a sea of obesi-tee (obesity). The fans don’t even have the decency to get a proper tan. Not a broad in that building will ever get the privilege to climb the peaks of muscle mountain. Gino Medina was next to speak, but Konnan cut him off by coming out.

Konnan had offered to help Gino due to his relationship with Gino’s father. Gino’s father would not be proud of the decisions Gino has made. The Dynasty began to surround Konnan. That’s when Ole Mancer’s music hit. Mance Warner brought out a case of light beers, along with Logan Creed and Savio Vega.

Warner said that nobody paid to see the Dynasty talk bullshit. He proposed a 3 vs 3 matchup. Holliday declined the invitation. Warner got what he wanted by goading Hammerstone. He wondered if Hammer was going to be a punkass bitch and leave. Hammerman started throwing punches. The fight was on.

The Dynasty vs Mance Warner, Savio Vega, & Logan Creed

It began as a huge brawl that eventually settled into an actual match. Creed had the big moves with a double chokeslam and a suicide dive. For the finish, Holliday clocked Vega with the Caribbean Championship. Holliday pinned Vega to win.

After the match, Konnan snuck into the ring to slapjack Medina. Warner, Vega, Creed, and Konnan all drank light beer in the ring.


Konnan remained behind. Injustice came out to crash his party. Jordan Oliver insulted Konnan’s age. Oliver told Konnan to step aside and threatened him with a slap to the face. Konnan shot off his mouth. Brian Pillman Jr. came out with a chair to even the odds. Pillman joined commentary for the next match.

Injustice vs Laredo Kid & Zenshi

Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver represented Injustice. Myron Reed was ringside in support. The match kicked off with crazy action.

The pace kept rocking with creativity.

For the finish, Laredo Kid was taken out with a dropkick when he was distracted by Reed. Zenshi was pinned after a slingshot stunner by Oliver into a crucifix bomb by Brazil.

After the match, Injustice squawked at Pillman. Laredo Kid took flight to smash them with a flying crossbody. Laredo then hit a driver on Reed in the ring. Laredo held the Middleweight belt for a fake three count with his knee on Reed’s chest.


Team Filthy didn’t feel bad about the riot last week when disrespecting the Texas flag. Those fans were subhuman. Team Filthy has a bond forged through their hatred of the Von Erichs.

Injustice had a message for Pillman. He’s too fat to make middleweight to challenge Reed for the title, so he should start minding his own business. Injustice warned that they will be ringside next week to watch Pillman vs Jimmy Havoc.

Jimmy Havoc and Priscilla Kelly also had words for Pillman. Havoc is going to give him a lethal dose of acid rain.

Episode 100 of Fusion is next week. The main event will be Jacob Fatu defending the Heavyweight Championship against CIMA.

The Von Erichs were not happy about Team Filthy’s antics last week. It is one thing to mess with them. It is another thing to mess with the sacred Texas flag. A reckoning is coming for Team Filthy.

King Mo dissed Low Ki for trying to be tough all the time.

Lumberjack Match: Contra Unit vs Los Parks

The lumberjacks were Mance Warner, Savio Vega, Logan Creed, Zenshi, Laredo Kid, Dr. Dax, Douglas James, the Von Erichs, and Injustice. I think that’s the full list. All the lumberjacks hated Injustice.

Josef Samael and Simon Gotch represented Contra. Los Parks entered without Salina de la Renta. Commentary mentioned a business falling out in that relationship.

The match began when the Parks foolishly turned their back on Contra to pose atop chairs. Contra dominated early until a pair of Park dropkicks sent them out to the lumberjacks. Hijo de LA Park took over with a flurry of flashy moves. Samael neutralized Hijo by jabbing a spike into his back.

For the finish, LA Park got the hot tag. That led to a spear to Samael.

Hijo grabbed Samael’s spike to clobber Samael in the face. Hijo took flight for a moonsault to the outside onto Gotch and lumberjacks.

Park finished the job with a twisting senton onto Samael to win.

Episode 99 of Fusion was a fun show. It started hot with a fiery promo from Contra. Samael can say whatever he wants and make it sound threatening. I actually want to see Samael say cuddly phrases and turn them into menacing words as only he can. Alexander Hammerstone provided the best moment of the show with his insults toward the crowd. Injustice vs Laredo Kid & Zenshi was the top match. The other two bouts were chaos in a entertaining manner.

It was good to see LA Park triumphant in his return. It will be interesting to find out what his future holds. Will Park continue with Contra until his gets another crack at Jacob Fatu? Will the parting with Salina de la Renta result in a newcomer to take on Park? Or perhaps Park sticks to teaming with his son. I’d love to see Los Parks challenge the Von Erichs for tag gold.

Myron Reed’s list of challengers is filling up. Brian Pillman Jr. will be on the horizon. For now, it looks like Laredo Kid is ready to dance. That would be a main event level match for Fusion. I hope we get it.

The opening Rick Talk segment was great. It felt like old school Raw with the smaller venue, hot crowd, and surprise entrants to set the story. It had the vibe that anything could happen next. That six-man did a good job of making Logan Creed look good and also advancing personal feuds. Warner vs Hammerstone, Vega vs Holliday, and whoever Konnan chooses vs Medina should all be enjoyable in the future.

What was your favorite moment from episode 99 of Fusion?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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