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AEW failed to deliver Lance Archer, and now he’s tweeting about Jake Roberts

AEW announced the signing of Lance Archer last week, and they advertised his debut for this week’s (Mar. 4) episode of Dynamite.

This was one promise that AEW failed to deliver on. Archer was nowhere to be seen on the episode.

So what happened? Here is Dave Meltzer explaining his understanding of the situation, from Wrestling Observer Radio:

“He was supposed to debut on the show tonight, and they had a creative change. And he’s still with them, and he’s gonna debut. I don’t know if it’s Jake related, the idea that maybe he’s Jake Roberts’ guy. But they decided to do the story this way, they’re gonna bring in Jake first.”

“All I know is that there was a creative change during the week. He might not be Jake’s guy, but for whatever it is, they decided that this wasn’t the week do debut him. He’s coming in. He’s coming in, Matt Hardy’s coming, I’m strongly presuming Brodie Lee is coming in. You don’t want to do them all in the same night, you want to spread them out.”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has a client who intends to slay Cody Rhodes. There is a ton of speculation that Lance Archer is the mystery client who Roberts referred to during his promo on Cody. In that case, it would make sense for Archer’s debut to be delayed, given the angle that played out yesterday with Roberts.

For his part, Archer has taken to social media to fan the flames with some teases about this situation:

Are you upset with AEW for failing to deliver on their word, or have they built up enough goodwill with you to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have changed creative plans for the better?

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