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Chris Jericho won’t be taking a leave of absence from AEW

The main event of tonight’s (Mar. 4) episode of Dynamite was a tag team match pitting Jon Moxley & Darby Allin against Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara. A stipulation was added earlier in the episode: Jericho would leave AEW for 60 days if Moxley left the arena on his own two feet.

Jericho didn’t waste any time trying to deliver on his guarantee that Moxley would be taken out. The Inner Circle underlings jumped Moxley during his entrance and beat the holy hell out of him. Darby Allin was forced to go it alone while doctors checked on Moxley, who was laid out in the concessions area.

Allin played the underdog role to perfection in what amounted to a handicap match, including a tag to himself, as well as a Coffin Drop onto five men.

But the numbers game was ultimately too much to overcome. Jericho blasted Darby with a Judas Effect, and Guevara pinned him for the three count.

The Inner Circle celebrated in the ring, but it was a bit premature. Moxley broke away from the doctors and brought a chair with him to the ring. He cleared the ring in one mad frenzy, standing on his own two feet.

Things were momentarily looking good for Moxley, but that’s when Jake Hager struck from behind. He sent Moxley to the outside, right into the waiting hands of the rest of the Inner Circle. They pummeled Moxley into oblivion and then triple powerbombed him off the stage and through a table, putting him out for good.

That spot looks familiar, huh?

Jon Moxley was unable to leave on his own two feet, and so Chris Jericho will not be forced to take a leave of absence from AEW.

What did you think of this match and angle?

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