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Matt Hardy knew The Bucks of Youth would come

When he declared his free agency Monday at midnight, Matt Hardy promised that this week’s edition of Free The Delete would be a big one.

He wasn’t lying.

It’s a short episode, but it’s clear from the jump what’s going on.

Things kick off with Matt on the phone with “you two”, in what sounds like the other half of the conversation we saw at the end of this week’s Being The Elite. The pair he’s speaking with are the only ones who’ve ever separated Zenith from his body, and with that essence dying (as chronicled thus far on FTD), he’s counting on them to do it again.

After a montage of Hardy getting his affairs in order, remembering Randy Orton destroying him on Raw, and thinking about his life at home with Reby & the boys, Matt & Nick Jackson roll up in an SUV.


Watch it all above, and let us know how soon you think Matt shows up on Dynamite... and in what role... in the comments below.

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