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MLW Fusion: Bend the knee to your Knockout King

MLW went another round in Philadelphia for episode 103 of Fusion. It featured Injustice with a violent curb stomp to Brian Pillman Jr., Alexander Hammerstone in a title defense against T-Hawk, and King Mo competing with Low Ki to determine the King of the Knockout.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Alicia Atout interviewed Dan Lambert about the suspension and fine of King Mo after Mo broke a bat over Killer Kross’ back last week. Lambert’s lawyers filed an appeal. Mo will be allowed to fight while the appeal is pending.

It was mentioned on commentary that Brian Pillman Jr. was late to the arena. Atout will investigate the case of the missing Pillman.

Pillman versus Jordan Oliver was planned. Instead, MLW went to a swing bout.

Prize Fight Challenge: Dominic Garrini vs Dr. Dax

In a backstage promo with Team Filthy, Garrini explained that he wants to bring jiu-jitsu back to the forefront. Based on the Gracie challenge, Garrini is offering $1,000 to anyone who can last 5 minutes. Lawlor had words for Kross. Kross found out the difference between real fighters and those who just look like fighters. King Mo had words for Low Ki. Left, right, Low Ki will be knocked out.

Garrini entered the ring carrying a sack with a big money sign on it. He was accompanied by cornerman Kit Osbourne. Dr. Dax answered the call.

Dax tried to use his size early, but Garrini took him down with a trip then locked in an alligator choke to win in less than one minute.

MJF’s message for Mance Warner

MJF won’t be baited by Mance Warner, because MJF is smarter. MJF rattled off insults. It’s not MJF’s fault that, “Warner was born to be an outlaw mudshow shitty little indie prick.” MJF isn’t afraid to play with Warner. He’ll play with him all night long. MJF exploded, “I’ll f—k you up, man.” Hammerstone tried to calm MJF and warned that Warner has something up his sleeve.

That led to breaking news of an empty arena Loser Leaves MLW match next week between MJF and Warner.

Atout provided an update on the Pillman situation. Pillman has still not been located. His match against Oliver has been canceled for this episode.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone vs T-Hawk

Alexander Hammerstone was making his 8th title defense in this international showcase. It featured power moves and heavy strikes. T-Hawk fought with intestinal fortitude, but Hammerstone was the stronger man. The top highlight was a German suplex to powerbomb to Boston crab sequence from Hammer.

For the finish, Hammer unloaded a single-leg dropkick as T-Hawk was sitting on the top turnbuckle. A superplex and a Nightmare Pendulum were next as Hammerman closed the contest in victory.

Atout interviewed Konnan about the MLW vs AAA Super Series. It will provide fresh matchups for the fans and begins in two weeks.

Ole Mancer said that attacks from the Dynasty have made him even crazier. About MJF vs Warner in a loser leaves town match, Mancer has busted his ass in MLW. He ain’t no loser, and he ain’t leaving town.

Atout came back with another update about Pillman. Toot toot, beep beep. Injustice interrupted. They had special footage for Atout to pass to the production truck.

King of the Knockouts: King Mo vs Low Ki

King Mo was cornered by Dan Lambert. Low Ki was cornered by Ross Von Erich. Introductions were treated like an MMA fight with a tale of the tape and a referee rules briefing.

The first big move was King Mo dumping Low Ki out of the ring. Low Ki appeared to hurt his leg, so Mo kept his focus on that tender limb. Mo dissected and dominated Ki with a submission and a chop block. Low Ki came to life with a surprise rolling kick to turn the tide.

Low Ki hooked him a modified rear naked choke. Mo dropped down to the mat.

That’s when Erick Stevens and Dominic Garrini came down to the ring. They distracted Ross. Marshall Von Erich ran down to even the numbers. Referees tried to prevent any fighting and forced the men to the back. Tom Lawlor then snuck into the ring from the opposite side to smash Low Ki with an umbrella. Low Ki was out cold. When the referee returned to the ring, he saw Ross’ towel and assumed it was thrown in to save Low Ki. King Mo was awarded the victory.

Atout interviewed King Mo and Team Filthy. King Mo asked the Philly fans to bend the knee. He received boos in return for that request. Lawlor chastised the fans for worshiping a fake like Rocky Balboa and leaving Joe Frazier destitute. Lawlor then demanded the fans get on their knees for their new knockout king.

Curb stomp

That previous footage from Injustice was aired. Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver jumped Pillman while Kotto Brazil filmed. Reed curb stomped Pillman’s head onto a cinder block.

The King of the Knockouts match had its pluses and minuses. I had questions about how well King Mo would perform in a longer match, but MLW booked it smart. Mo didn’t have to get out of his element to put on a good effort. Low Ki’s comeback was great. His rolling kick is a knockout strike I’ve seen used in actual combat fights. When Low Ki locked in the chokehold, it was high drama to see if Mo would pass out.

The parts I didn’t particularly like revolved around the finish. I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get a real winner. I really wanted to know who was going to be King of the Knockout. At least they made up for it with that funny heel promo from Mo and Team Filthy. I didn’t understand the referee’s decision to call the match when he saw the towel. Seconds earlier, that same referee had a hand in corralling Ross Von Erich and others to the back. How could the referee assume Ross threw in the towel when he was nowhere near the ring? That part didn’t make sense to me.

Alexander Hammerstone versus T-Hawk was very enjoyable. I love suplexes. Those two tossed each other around with ferocity. I like seeing Hammerman pick up the clean victory. It is cementing his status as a top player in MLW.

Dominic Garrini’s prize challenge did what it was intended to do. Garrini took down a larger man with ease. Garrini hasn’t had a great amount of success in MLW yet, so this can help reestablish the seriousness of his skills. It is interesting that Garrini said man or woman could challenge. Will we see a lady down the line trying to survive Garrini’s clutches?

Injustice really crossed the line by curb stomping Brian Pillman Jr. This adds more fuel to the fire of wanting to see Pillman kick their ass. This could be an opportunity for Pillman to get mean and add a different dimension to his character.

The best moment of the show was that promo from MJF. He rarely loses his cool, but it looks like Ole Mancer has crawled into MJF’s head. I’m excited about the tease to go all night long. We still don’t know how this match will be set up, aside from Loser Leaves MLW in an empty arena. I’m crossing my fingers that we get a full episode dedicated to MJF and Mance Warner going all night long. That would have the potential to be the best episode of Fusion to date.

What was your favorite moment from episode 103 of Fusion? Which match was the best?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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