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Matt Hardy’s teleportation on Dynamite has a sophisticated explanation

On last week’s episode of Dynamite, Matt Hardy teleported to the ring for a face-to-face with Chris Jericho. Much like Kenny Omega on commentary, I was also astounded at Hardy’s psycho power. I assumed Hardy was using magic. AEW has a dinosaur and an alien on their roster, so Hardy using wizardry techniques was not out of the realm of believability. Alas, it turns out that Hardy was using technology as a tool to play mind games on Jericho.

AEW provided an easier to understand explanation without Broken vocabulary.

That was a sophisticated plan by Hardy. To be honest, I am a little disappointed that Hardy doesn’t actually have teleportation powers in the AEW universe. It does make sense though that AEW had to clarify. It closes the door on questioning why Hardy wouldn’t use teleportation in the future to escape precarious predicaments.

While Hardy’s teleporting was a ruse, the essence of Damascus inhabiting his body is not. At least that’s what I take from this tweet by AEW.

In summary, teleportation was a trick, but Damascus is real.

While awaiting the next appearance of the Broken One on Dynamite, jam to Matt Hardy’s theme song on Spotify.

Was it a good move for Hardy and AEW to explain the teleportation trick? Or would you have preferred to believe in the magic?

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