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AEW Dark recap & reactions (Mar. 3, 2020): Women’s tag shines

Episode 23 of AEW Dark from Chicago, IL featured promos from the fallout of Revolution and a women’s tag match from that same event.

Here’s the lineup with ratings (watch, solid, okay, pass) on which matches are worth your time:

  • Post-Revolution promos (okay)
  • Yuka Sakazaki & Riho vs Penelope Ford & Britt Baker (solid)

This was a short episode at under 20 minutes. Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels, Kris Statlander, and PAC spoke with the mic. The promos were fine, but nothing was riveting. The lone match was one of the better women’s tag bouts AEW has put on.

Watch the show here.

Excalibur and Taz welcomed us to the show and also handled commentary.

Post-Revolution promos

Recap of the Revolution pre-show with Colt Cabana coming out to help SCU post-match when they were getting stomped by the Dark Order. Christopher Daniels also came out as a fake Exalted One.

Colt Cabana always comes prepared with his gear. He’s wrestled with the Elite for decades. They are family. He’s here in AEW to do what he does. That is putting in his two cents when the opportunity arises. Cabana’s still intends to wrestle. He’s at the highest peak of his game. Dark Order can get it if they want. Cabana has the back of SCU and the Elite.

Lexy Nair interviewed Christopher Daniels. He finally realized that Dark Order is full of lies, half-truths, and empty promises. There is no Exalted One. No one is behind the Dark Order. They are trying to make themselves more than they are. SCU and Cabana will do everything in their power to end the Dark Order once and for all.

Recap of Nyla Rose successfully defending the women’s title against Kris Statlander. Lexy Nair interviewed Statlander. She was disappointed that she won’t be taking the belt to her home planet. Maybe she’ll be more down to earth next time prior to a big event. Statlander dejectedly lowered her boop finger.

Recap of PAC beating Orange Cassidy and the run-in from the Lucha Bros. Lexy Nair asked about the relationship between PAC and the Lucha Bros. PAC replied that it was none of her business. She should be asking about what happened in the ring. What happened was inevitable. AEW should be ashamed for making that match. OC’s current condition is on their conscience.

Yuka Sakazaki & Riho vs Penelope Ford & Britt Baker

Kip Sabian was ringside to support Penelope Ford. His presence paid dividends.

Britt Baker taunted Yuka Sakazaki prior to the opening bell. Yuka attacked. Riho scuffled with Ford until Sabian stepped in. Riho gave Kip a big knee to knock him out of the ring. The Japanese duo ran a corner train on the dentist. It culminated with a teamwork battering ram.

Yuka was in firm control with a sequence of two suplexes and a scoop driver to Ford. Sabian grabbed Yuka’s feet when she ran the ropes. That led to Baker curb stomping Yuka’s throat into the middle rope.

Riho eventually got a hot tag to crucifix bomb Ford. Sabian grabbed Riho to prevent a flying crossbody to the outside. Yuka went forth with a springboard crossbody to the floor on both opponents. Riho hit Sabian with a flying crossbody.

For the finish, Baker snatched control with a corkscrew fisherman neckbreaker to Riho. Baker applied the Lockjaw hold, but Riho shifted their weight into a roll-up. The referee was distracted by Ford. Sabian ran in to put Baker back in top position. Baker locked in the Lockjaw for the submission victory.

That was a nifty little bout by the women. There were no awkward moments, or at least none that stood out. Riho performed to the high quality she always does. Yuka Sakazaki impressed. In her previous AEW appearances, it felt like she was there hitting spots just to pop the crowd. Her work this time felt like a real match. Penelope Ford did fine. She didn’t get as many amazing moments as when she interferes on Kip Sabian’s behalf, but she wasn’t supposed to be the focal point. This story was to advance Britt Baker. With cheating to submit Riho, we’ll probably see a singles bout between those two on a future Dynamite.

Who stood out most for episode 23 of AEW Dark?

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