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MLW Fusion: King Mo joins Team Filthy

MLW returned from Philadelphia for episode 102 of Fusion. It featured Zenshi versus El Lindaman in a banger of a bout, Mance Warner picking an ECW veteran as a mystery opponent for Richard Holliday, Team Filthy fighting Davey Boy Smith Jr., Killer Kross, and the Von Erichs, King Mo joining the filthy side, and the debut of LA Park’s cooking show.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Zenshi vs El Lindaman

This bout was a doozy of athleticism. Both wrestlers went all out. The top highlight was El Lindaman with a somersault plancha then running up the entrance ramp to let out a scream of exuberance. That energy paid of in the end as Lindaman caught Zenshi for a sitout powerbomb then an elevated tiger suplex bridging pin to win.


The Von Erichs were told by father Kevin to choose their friends wisely now. Davey Boy Smith Jr. has their back. He will stick pajama boy Dominic Garrini’s head up his own ass. Killer Kross added that Team Smells Like a Fart is in big trouble. Team Filthy picked a fight with the wrong group of people. Tom Lawlor will learn to never cross a killer.

Mance Warner will be bringing light beer when he chooses Richard Holliday’s mystery opponent. Ole Mancer is going to whoop ass and drink light beers. He also has something special for MJF’s punk ass.

Alicia Atout spoke with Holliday. He predicted Warner will select a garbage truck driver or maybe even Kwang. Whoever it is, they will breath rarefied air. Holliday also mentioned that the Caribbean Championship is at the cleaners getting a nice shine.

Josef Samael reiterated that the Contra Unit is embarking on a mission to prepare for the upcoming war. The infiltration of the infidels is underway with hidden soldiers.

A hype video for Pagano played.

Holliday was back to say that his lawyer/father reviewed his MLW contract. There is a subclause that states this mystery match is not justified since it will be chosen by an intoxicated Warner. Mancer may think he got one up on the Dynasty, but the Dynasty always wins. One way or another.

Brian Pillman Jr. was taking photos with fans when he was jumped by Injustice. Davey Boy Smith Jr. rushed in for the save.

Richard Holliday vs ???

Mance Warner was in front of a double door trying to hold back the mystery man. Mancer would let him out in a little bit. The mystery opponent chosen by Warner turned out to be the Blue Meanie.

Richard Holliday suckered Meanie in to do his dance routine then attacked. Later, Holliday mocked Mancer by pouring out a can of light beer from Mancer’s stash. Warner responded with a trick he learned from the Great Muta. BEER MIST!

That resulted in a count-out victory for Meanie. Mancer and Meanie celebrated with beer in the ring.

More promos

Alicia Atout asked Injustice about having beef with AAA. Their beef is actually with MLW management for bringing in foreign talent when they have superstars right there in Injustice. Atout asked about Jordan Oliver versus Brian Pillman Jr. next week. Oliver said it would make good TV, while Myron Reed and Kotto Brazil insinuated that another attack may be coming Pillman’s way.

Low Ki discussed his thoughts about King Mo. He is a pro fighter coming into professional wrestling. That won’t help him in MLW. Mo has been running his mouth about someone he knows nothing about. Mo appears punch-drunk. When Low Ki is done with him, he will be kick-shitfaced.

Atout asked King Mo about Low Ki. Mo thinks he is a fraud. Dan Lambert demanded that Low Ki has a cornerman, so someone can throw in the towel to save Low Ki. That match takes place next week.

LA Park en la cocina, pendejos!

LA Park and Hijo de LA Park cooked chorizo and eggs. Park used a simple electric double burner stove. Park got upset when MLW didn’t provide any seasoning or salt on the table.

Breaking news: Mance Warner challenged MJF to a loser leaves MLW empty arena match.

Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Dominic Garrini, & Kit Osbourne vs Davey Boy Smith Jr., Killer Kross, & the Von Erichs

Tom Lawlor grabbed the mic to insult the crowd. “Filthy” feels at home in the garbage city of Philadelphia.

The good guys made their entrance and charged the ring. The brawl carried onto the floor. Order was restored to make it a proper 8-man tag. The first big move was Lawlor suplexing teammate Erick Stevens onto Ross Von Erich.

The other highlight sequence was Killer Kross cleaning house with suplexes.

In Kross’ overzealousness to inflict pain, he accidentally clobbered the referee. Kit Osbourne made use of the incident by low-blowing Davey Boy Smith Jr. Marshall Von Erich turned the tide with a claw slam then a moonsault on Osbourne. Kross revived the ref so he could make the winning three count as Marshall pinned Osbourne.

After the match, Kross grabbed a mic to declare the party was just getting started. He pulled out a ring board. Meanwhile, Dominic Garrini was whacking the Von Erichs with a kendo stick. Smith powerbombed Osbourne through the wood.

Team Filthy gathered their troops and exited. Or so we thought. They roared back to brawl with the good guys. The fight carried to the back. Team Filthy got the upper hand when King Mo broke a tube over Kross’ back. Apparently, King Mo had just joined Team Filthy.

Episode 102 of Fusion kept the streak alive of entertaining wrestling. I really enjoyed Zenshi versus El Lindaman. That clash of styles delivered as advertised. I was surprised Zenshi lost. Since he is around more often, I figured he would be victorious. It is good to see visiting talent pick up a win though. That helps outcomes be more unpredictable in the future.

Mance Warner, Blue Meanie, and Richard Holliday provided good comedy. It also provided BEER MIST! That would be a very dangerous move to add to Ole Mancer’s regular arsenal. Warner has already declared his intentions to challenge Alexander Hammerstone for the National Openweight Championship, but I’m pretty interested to see him feud with Holliday for at least one match. I also hope that the loser leaves MLW match with MJF is a real thing and not a scrolling news gimmick.

Even though the main event 8-man tag was on the short side, it had enough fun elements for our entertainment. King Mo joining Team Filthy was quite the surprise. I did not see that coming at all. It makes sense to rally the ‘real’ fighters together. Get on the train, Douglas James. With Killer Kross out of the picture and into WWE, I’m wondering if Low Ki gets folded into this feud. I need to check the calendar for the next War Chamber. Hmm, September is coming closer than we think with the coronavirus shifting TV tapings.

I’m not sure what to think about the cooking show segment with LA Park. It didn’t seem to really be about the cooking. Eggs and chorizo was a pretty simple dish. I hope there are future installments so it gets a chance to develop a personality. The silly music made the scene work for me. I could actually listen to that song on its own when I’m out and about.

What was your favorite moment from episode 102 of Fusion?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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