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Brodie Lee’s Exalted One might just be a Vince McMahon parody

Last week during his official debut on Dynamite, Brodie Lee dropped a line about “an out of touch old man” who didn’t believe in him. Our Cain Knight thought it was a shot at Vince McMahon, and pretty much the entire wrestling world agrees with him.

For Lee’s second appearance in AEW, his Exalted One character is eating a steak with two Dark Order minions (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) seated at the table with them. He’s holding court about how they’re lions and the rest of the roster is prey. That kind of alpha male talk alone would call to mind Brodie’s old boss and his “ruthless aggression”, “grab the brass ring” philosophies.

But what happened next sealed it...

... we’ve never heard of Vince having a rule against people eating before he’s finished his own meal, but his hatred/phobia of sneezing is legendary. No one denies the tales of people being afraid to sneeze in his presence, and a few former employees (like Jimmy Jacobs) have confirmed it.

AEW knows its audience is made up of people who read websites like this one, and who would get that reference. There’s no way they just put the former Luke Harper in a suit and coincidentally had him do a scene where he berates an employee for sneezing.

Are there more layers to this character? After this segment, Brodie’s first match on Dynamite saw him make quick work of QT Marshall. A masked minion arrived to celebrate with the Exalted One before the dropped a mask on Marshall.

We’ll see where this is going. While we wait, did you pop for AEW’s latest trolling of Vinnie Mac?

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