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Matt Hardy teleported to the ring after Chris Jericho cut a promo on his drone

AEW promised a face-off tonight (Mar. 25) on Dynamite between Chris Jericho and Broken Matt Hardy.

The segment began with Jericho alone in the ring and being interrupted by Vanguard-1. Jericho cut a promo on the drone, calling it a piece of shit, but then offering it a spot in the Inner Circle. He promised Vanguard all sorts of mechanical spoils, but the drone turned him down.

Matt Hardy then teleported from the top of the venue all the way into the ring, because that’s a thing you can do when there is no live audience.

The Maker of Pain knew he would come.

Le Champion explained to Hardy that AEW was built on his back, and that Hardy made a mistake in choosing The Elite over the Inner Circle. Hardy wasn’t tolerating this line of thinking, and explained that the Bucks of Youth resurrected him. AEW represents freedom, and this newfound paradise must be protected at all costs.

Jericho responded by saying that nobody understands reinvention better than him, and while on the outside Hardy looks very different, on the inside he’s still the same Matt Hardy from 25 years ago.

Hardy said that the same thing was true of Jericho, and that Chris was the same hole of the ass that he’s always been.

Matt ultimately declared he was intent on deleting Jericho and the Inner Circle. That prompted a very brief physical exchange before Jericho then unleashed his own magic power in the form of Sammy Guevara, who attacked Hardy. Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes came to the aid of Hardy with steel chairs and chased off the two members of the Inner Circle.

That’s how Dynamite went off the air. It was just your standard pro wrestling angle with a wrestler cutting a promo on a drone and trying to recruit it into his stable, while another wrestler used magic powers and saw invisible people in the empty audience seats.

Is this the exact kind of broken content you’ve been waiting to see from Matt Hardy?

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