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AEW Rewind: Cody Rhodes drinking game, MJF singing, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

We’ll start with a blast from MJF’s past. Here is footage of MJF signing with the Accafellas.

The Dark Order has decided to go along with social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to wrestling Jimmy Havoc, Cody Rhodes will also join commentary. AEW set up a drinking game for your pleasure (editor’s note: AEW actually deleted their tweet promoting this, but Cody was still promoting it at post time).

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Tomorrow night 8/7c LIVE on @tntdrama / @aewontnt Take a drink...

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If you aren’t too drunk after Dynamite, you can watch Taz stream a live recap show on AEW’s YouTube channel.

Tony Schiavone showed off his home office with Batman memorabilia.

Enjoy this cool photo of Orange Cassidy’s stage leap last week.

Road to Dynamite

AEW’s “Road to Dynamite,” (here) featured:

  • Recap of Matt Hardy joining the Elite.
  • Recap of Brodie Lee revealed as the Exalted One.

I was hoping for resolution to who the Librarians believed was the Exalted One. Since no follow-up was filmed, we’ll have to take Peter Avalon’s word that they were correct.

Being the Elite

“Quarantine” - Being The Elite, Ep. 196 (here) featured:

  • Matt Jackson updated us on the status of Dynamite. They had to have the production meeting over the phone for the first time. Everyone is doing their part and getting through the coronavirus situation. Matt criticized people hoarding toilet paper. In the background, we see Kenny Omega leaving the room and stealing Matt’s toilet paper.
  • 5 minutes later, Matt was drinking coffee and taking a dump. He reached back and there was no toilet paper. Matt realized Kenny stole it, then he used a towel to wipe. Cut to Omega cradling multiple rolls of toilet paper as a precious baby. Omega had quarantine hysteria.
  • Footage of an empty airport while traveling
  • Matt showed the closed set for Dynamite.
  • Omega talked about his hand injury. Matt accidentally interrupted. He asked Omega to grab all the water bottles with his hurt hand. The water was stacked on top of a trashcan. As Omega removed each case, it was revealed Colt Cabana was hiding behind there. Omega was feeling strong about his hand, so he decided to take out the trash as well. That’s when he discovered Cabana. Shenanigans ensued as Cabana made his escape.
  • Matt Hardy is ready to delete the Inner Circle.
  • Hangman Page was drinking whiskey in the bar when he realized he forgot his wallet. Matt Jackson showed up to pay the bill. Matt sat down to speak to Hangman. Matt began, “Hey, man. Here’s the thing...” Cliffhanger.

This episode was highlighted by comedy from Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana. Seeing Omega’s toilet paper heist cracked me up. As did the creativity of Cabana hiding. The cliffhanger between Page and Jackson didn’t develop enough to build anticipation for next week. We’ll have to wait and see if it is a serious story development or part of a BTE gag.

We’ll close with some coronavirus quarantine content.

Hikaru Shida was busy singing karaoke at home and also provided a clip on how she does her wrestling make-up.

Angelico invited some pals to do the toilet paper kicking challenge.

Have fun with all your toilet paper and the Dynamite drinking game tonight.

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