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No fans, no problem: Orange Cassidy’s been to parking lots before

Before AEW Dynamite’s real big street fight in a parking lot, watch Orange Cassidy’s classic parking lot fight with Stokely Hathaway.


Wrestling without fans is a complete and utter challenge. WWE’s proven that over the last couple of weeks, and AEW demonstrated a bit more creativity. And this Wednesday, on another atypical Dynamite, AEW’s changing its plans on the fly again.

Yes, the much hyped Blood and Guts (aka War Games Classic) match has been postponed, and in its place Tony Khan announced Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy will meet. And while that meeting might be a Broken Universe-style duel, it’s not the Dynamite match I’m most looking forward to from their run of closed set shows*.

I’m most excited for Lucha Bros vs Best Friends in an actual street fight match, in a parking lot.

Not only will these four men (Penta, Fenix, Chuck and Trent?) be gold — that’s practically a given, but the Best Friends have an empty arena expert in their corner: Orange Cassidy.

Yes, if you’re not familiar with Orange Cassidy’s reign as IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship, you need to watch the following video now. In it, Cassidy fights the godfather of swole, Stokely Hathaway**.

Yes, this Stokely Hathaway:

And, yes, the match is more entertaining than you can imagine. And look away — seriously — if you’re offended by violence toward smartphones. I don’t know much else I should say, just watch it:

Maybe the best pre-taped wrestling segment ever, these who are amazing. Who knew hide and seek could be this raw? It’s why I hope, hope that Orange Cassidy has some input on what this parking lot brawl is.

Yes, this Parking Lot Street Fight match will go to the distance, and have all the crazy moves, thanks to Fenix, Penta, Chuck and Trent being crazy, but Orange should and can infuse it with a ton of great weird humor. Stuff that talks to the camera and owns the oddness of the moment.

Watch the match to see what I mean. Or just to put a smile on your face. We all need as many of those as we can get.

* When the Street Fight was set-up on the Mar. 18 episode of Dynamite, AEW acted like it would happen this week (or on “the next Dynamite” as they were hedging their bets about if they could do another show at all during the pandemic). Plans are changing daily for everyone now, and they haven’t promoted this for Mar. 25, so we’ll see. Whenever it happens, do some scouting and watch OC vs. Big Stoke.

** We don’t know where Stokely Hathway is. Just that WWE signed someone named Malcolm Bivens, who hijacked Hathway’s social media accounts. Since then, Hathaway’s been missing. Hopefully, we can leave him alone in his remote mansion.

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