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AEW books a Kenny Omega title defense, Cody match in lieu of Blood & Guts

Everything is day-to-day for the world, and AEW is no exception. They wisely pulled back on their plans to put ten men (and probably some razor blades) in a steel cage on Weds., Mar. 25. Now they’ve started to announce more of what this week’s episode of Dynamite will consist of instead of the Blood & Guts match between The Inner Circle and The Elite.

First, Cody will get after it with Jimmy Havoc. This is pretty obviously a one-off from the EVP’s issues with both Lance Archer and Jericho’s posse. Havoc wants to make it clear he still has beef with the guys who beat Rhodes at Revolution.

Then, Kenny Omega will defend his AAA Mega-Championship (forgot he had that? You wouldn’t if you kept up with Manolo’s excellent lucha coverage!) against Sammy Guevara.

Allow me to steal a joke another co-worker made around our virtual office...

There’s still no word on where exactly these will be filmed, just that they’ll take place on a closed set. Based on the Mar. 18 Dynamite, Daily’s Place in their homebase of Jacksonville, Florida is the assumption. But there some confusion about whether or not local officials were going to allow them to film there without an audience last week, so it’s possible they’ll be somewhere else.

Wherever they happen, and whatever else gets added to Wednesday’s show, we’ll have our usual live blog coverage of it right here at Cageside Seats.

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