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AAA Roundup: Mexico City shows canceled for 30 days, Sin Cara free from non-compete clause, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s catch up on the news from the past week.

We’ll start with an update and a reminder in general of how the lucha libre scene is being affected by coronavirus concerns. Two major shows this weekend have been postponed in CMLL’s Homenaje a Dos Leyendas for Mar. 20 and AAA’s Rey de Reyes for Mar. 21. For Kenny Omega fans, Rey de Reyes was where he was supposed to defend the Megacampeonato against Laredo Kid.

AAA has suspended their TV tour indefinitely. The next date was March 28 in Torreon, Coahuila. CMLL has also closed shop temporarily. The Pro Wrestling and Boxing Commission of Mexico state has announced there will be no events until April 20. Different states will have different rulings, but it is safe to assume they will follow suit in time. The current coronavirus status in Mexico is 203 cases with 2 deaths as of Saturday (Mar. 21).

When lucha libre returns, Sin Cara will be ready. His non-compete clause for WWE has expired. After debuting for AAA at Guerra de Titanes with a run-in to save Pagano, the masked luchador changed his name to Cinta de Oro in honor of his trainer.

This also opens up Sin Cara to sign with a US promotion, if he and they so choose.

In other lucha libre news, Dave the Clown became special champion of the ViveLatino festival. La Parka was the previous title holder. Sexy Star’s last MMA fight from December has been posted by Combate Americas (here). Sexy is eager to fight again soon. Alberto del Rio is getting married. He proposed to his girlfriend during a soccer game in Toluca last week.

Lucha Azteca

Let’s jam through two episodes of Nacemos Para Luchar. On the agenda is the session from Queretaro. The best match of the bunch was a three-way tag bout of Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr. vs LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park vs Superfly & Villano III Jr. Watch that match here.

Nacemos Para Luchar: Queretaro, part 1

Part 1 (here) featured a doozy of a tag team three-way and a rocking main event.

Mr. Iguana, Big Mami, & Dinastia defeated Parka Negra, La Hiedra, & Lady Maravilla. The top move was a flying splash from Maravilla down to Mami on the floor. For the finish, Iguana took out Maravilla and Hiedra with a leaping attack out of the ring. Dinastia pinned Parka Negra after countering a super powerbomb into a super hurricanrana then hitting a springboard corkscrew splash.

Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr. defeated LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park and Superfly & Villano III Jr. in a three-way tag bout. This match was banging with high-risk flights. Top move was from Octagon with a springboard corkscrew crossbody. For the finish, Villano climbed the corner, then Octagon blasted him with a European uppercut. Octagon set up a flipping slam to win.

After the match, Parka Negra attacked Hijo de LA Park, and Argenis attacked Myzteziz. Tecnico masks were ripped and removed.

Parka Negra had a backstage promo between two buses. Parka Negra was speaking to the mask he just stole. He missed Hijo de LA Park in AAA. Last time they tangled, Hijo faced true death. This is the house of Parka Negra.

In that same bus set-up, the Lucha Bros found out the date for Rey de Reyes. They will defend their tag titles at the special event to demonstrate that they are the best tag team in the universe. (Their opponents were scheduled to be the Rascalz before the show was postponed.)

Rush, Bestia del Ring, & LA Park defeated Pentagon, Fenix, & Laredo Kid. This was another good match. Top highlights include a triple dive by the tecnicos, a Spanish Fly from Fenix to Park, and Fenix bouncing off Park on a suicide dive into the crowd.

Pentagon had Rush down with a backstabber. 1, 2, Averno ran in to hit the referee with a chair. Averno then hit Pentagon, powerbombed him into a table, and took his mask. For the finish, Rush yanked off the masks of Fenix and Laredo. Replacement ref Hijo de Tirantes missed the foul and counted three as Bestia and Park picked up a double pin win.

After the match, Psycho Clown, Monster Clown, and Murder Clown ran down to the ring to chase off Los Ingobernables. Psycho Clown grabbed a mic to tell Los Ingobernables that their worst nightmare has returned, Psycho Circus! AAA pulled a page from the CMLL playbook and did the whole ‘Let’s have a match right now’ routine. The rudos teased no, yes, no.

Backstage, Los Ingobernables said they want more AAA meat. It will always end in humiliation at the feet of Los Ingobernables.

Averno had words for Pentagon. Pentagon left AAA to find fame. Averno wanted to remind Pentagon who he is. Averno is going to end Pentagon’s international trajectory.

Nacemos Para Luchar: Queretaro, part 2

Part 2 (here) featured Psycho Circus back together for a trios match.

Drago Kid, Laredo Boy, & Iron Kid defeated Parkita Negra, Latigo, & Low Rider. Flippy stuff aplenty. For the finish, Iron Kid hit a teamwork electric chair suicide dive. In the ring, Drago Kid got Latigo for a super hurricanrana then a pop-up dragon rana pin to win.

Laredo Kid came to the ring for a promo. He thanked the fans for supporting him on the reality show competition that took him away from lucha libre. Now, he will demonstrate that he is the best Cruiserweight Champion in AAA. Los Ingobernables interrupted to beat down Laredo. They insulted Laredo and the fans. Rush put over his brother, Dragon Lee, as a better cruiserweight.

Puma King, Rey Horuz, & Hijo del Vikingo defeated Los Mercenarios. Notice Horus is now spelled with a z for AAA. La Hiedra was ringside with her stable. It was speed and flying versus power and foreign objects. The tecnicos came out on top. Vikingo pinned rival Taurus after a super hurricanrana, a reverse rana, and a 450 splash.

After the loss, Los Mercenarios beat up their opponents. Texano hit Vikingo with a piledriver. He then challenged Los Jinetes del Aire for the Trios titles. This match also had a budding rivalry between Taurus and Puma King. Taurus told Puma that he will show who’s better whenever Puma wants.

Psycho Circus defeated Poder del Norte. This was the first match for the clowns back as a unit. For the finish, Carta Brava Jr. and Tito Santana went for suicide dives but ran into chairshots from Murder Clown and Psycho Clown. Monster Clown picked up the win on Mocho Cota Jr. on Monster’s over-the-back neck toss slam.

We’ll close with this blast from the past snappy dance number.

Even luchadores think it is fun to stay at the YMCA.

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