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AEW Blood & Guts match postponed; Dynamite airing Jericho/Hardy face-off instead

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On Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, AEW was crafty with its verbiage about declaring the highly anticipated Blood & Guts match between the Elite and the Inner Circle would take place next week. Given the tricky circumstances of working around coronavirus concerns, it made sense for AEW not to promise something that couldn’t be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, the Blood & Guts match has been officially postponed. Don’t fret, Dynamite is still planned to air. It will feature a first time face-off between Chris Jericho and newly debuted Matt Hardy.

AEW released the following message via Twitter (here):

The following message is from AEW President & CEO Tony Khan:

Our goal every week with AEW Dynamite on TNT is to produce great shows for our fans, and I believe we do. We felt especially motivated to serve our audience this past Wednesday night given what the entire world is coping with, and hopefully we gave them a well-deserved escape during these trying times. Everyone at AEW is very proud of what we delivered and humbled by the response and the kind words we’ve received from fans and partners throughout the world. Thank you!

We plan to continue answering that calling with live weekly shows every Wednesday night on TNT, but the time and circumstances aren’t right for the card we had planned next week for Blood and Guts. That show will happen when the time is right, but what you can count on instead this coming Wednesday night is a great live episode of AEW Dynamite featuring Chris Jericho confronting Matt Hardy, face-to-face, one-on-one, for the first time ever and a tremendous night of wrestling action.

In the meantime, until AEW Dynamite this Wednesday night, please follow us via social media and please be safe and smart so we can get back to seeing you all on the road as soon as possible.

Thank you for making this all possible for everyone here at AEW, it’s a dream come true to be able to do these shows for all of you.

First off, I think I can speak for the majority of AEW fans in saying “thank you.” That episode of Dynamite was a high-quality outing given the circumstances.

Second, as much as we are all excited for Blood & Guts, it is understandable to delay that epic encounter. I wouldn’t even be upset if they held off to have Blood & Guts in front of paying consumers. AEW is still a young company and that revenue boost would do them well. We all want them to make that money and thrive.

Third, Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy face-to-face, you say? I’m sold. What face-to-face, one-on-one means exactly is a little up to interpretation at the moment. The part about “first time ever” is confusing. Jericho and Hardy have had more than one singles match against one another in WWE. That leads me to believe it will be more of a talking segment. And that’s fine. Both are magnetic speakers. Give them as much time as they need. I’m sure we’ll be entertained by their antics.

Will a face-off between Jericho and Hardy entice you to tune into Dynamite next week?

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