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Brandi Rhodes does not like Cody’s neck tattoo

Cody Rhodes’ decision to have the “Nightmare Family” logo tattooed on his neck was a big topic of discussion on Sat., Feb. 29 when he debuted it at AEW Revolution.

Much of the reaction was not favorable (and I didn’t know this needed to be said, but since it came up in the comments & on social media, the criticism was for the design & placement of the tattoo - not Cody as a person).

Among those who aren’t fans? Cody’s wife Brandi. She revealed as much during her post-Revolution media scrum with the new tag team it looks like she’ll be managing, Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall:

“I’m also the one person who doesn’t like the neck tattoo. I don’t like it. I’ve said it. There it is. Sorry, I don’t, I don’t like it. [Dustin asks if he can get “Brandi” tattooed on his lip] You can do whatever the f - the hell you want, it’s your body, same thing I told my husband...

I knew. I know a lot of wives like to hands on - my husband makes his own decisions. he’s allowed to make his own decisions. So if I decide to do something crazy, he’s just gonna let me make my own decision.”

Uh-oh, Cody. I think you owe her one.

For his part, Rhodes says it was a branding decision. He also promises more information on his weekly Road To pre-show for this week’s Dynamite.

How about you? Has the new ink grown on you? Or are you still more or less where you were on Saturday night when you first saw it?

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