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Cody is talking as if Blood & Guts will still take place

This week’s (Mar. 18) episode of Dynamite opened up with Cody Rhodes standing inside a wrestling ring in a dimly lit venue with no live audience. This is how it’s going to be in pro wrestling for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cody talked about listening to science, standing together (but from a distance), and the importance of pro wrestling right now during this difficult time. He then turned his attention towards Blood & Guts, imploring The Elite to put their differences aside because they need to come together in order to defeat the the Inner Circle.

Kenny Omega came out and acknowledged there may not even be an episode of Dynamite next week, but the world goes on, and they will try their best to put on an entertaining show.

Matt Jackson was willing to put his differences with Hangman Page aside, and offered a gesture of peace to Page. But Page did not enter the ring with the members of The Elite. He remained on the entrance ramp, drink in hand, then turned around and left without saying a word.

Omega then called for the lights to come up and for Dynamite to properly begin. The pyro went off, the music started up, and Jim Ross welcomed us to the show.

How did you think AEW handled their first segment inside an empty venue?

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