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Rumor Look Back: Sept. 8 - 14, 2019

Welcome to the weekly Rumor Look Back, where we look at the rumors from six months ago and see which played out as originally predicted. Let’s get right to it!

September 9, 2019

  • Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, FOX will present the WWE draft as a “legitimate sports draft” and starting the draft on SmackDown will present it like it isn’t the “B show” anymore.
  • I mean they had war rooms and such but it was super corny. It had Stephanie McMahon reading at a podium again. So it’s close, but it’s more like “Vince McMahon’s idea of a legitimate sports draft.” (1/1)
  • The Observer notes that FOX is high on Renee Young and her hosting the FS1 weekly show could mean she becomes exclusive to that. That would mean a change in commentary.
  • She is the host of backstage and was off commentary come the move to Fox. (2/2)
  • Speaking of which, there’s also talk of commentary teams being exclusive to brands as well, so Corey Graves wouldn’t be calling both Raw and SmackDown.
  • That’s also true. Corey only calls SmackDown now. (1/1)
  • All Out did 28,000 buys on pay-per-view, per the Observer, but Wrestling Inc says the show did better than Double or Nothing on FITE TV.
  • It was impressive that they maintained interest with just their YouTube shows given this was prior to Dynamite.
  • PW Insider says Ken Shamrock is expected to stick with Impact Wrestling even after Bound for Glory.
  • He did. Took a dick flip from Joey Ryan. (1/1)

September 10, 2019

  • Photos from a Fox photo shoot making the rounds show current Raw Superstars Becky Lynch, Rey Mysterio and Alexa Bliss on SmackDown along with current blue brand-ers The Miz, Mandy Rose and Randy Orton. Fans are wondering if the pics are draft spoilers.
  • Becky, Rey, and Alexa were all drafted to Raw (but Alexa moved to SmackDown a week or two later). Miz and Mandy are on SmackDown, but Randy is on Raw. (2/6)
  • According to Wrestling Observer, effective with Royal Rumble 2020, WWE will no longer be running the same building & city four nights in a row around major PPVs.
  • I’m going to go ahead and say this is wrong. Because even with one day at Raymond James Stadium for the planned WrestleMania weekend, they booked Amalie Arena for the Hall of Fame, SmackDown, NXT, and Raw. TD Garden announced four straight shows for SummerSlam weekend too. (0/1)
  • Houston will have a show the night before Royal Rumble next January, but it will be a Worlds Collide special instead of a NXT TakeOver as there has been before the last three Rumbles. WWE officials would only say, “The schedule of the 2020 NXT TakeOver Events will be out in the near future.”
  • This is correct. The TakeOver was in Portland the following month. But we still don’t have a full schedule of NXT TakeOvers. (1/2)
  • Per Twitter account BeltFanDan, WWE has considered adding a midcard title to NXT UK. European and Euro-continental have allegedly been mentioned as possible names for the belt.
  • That has not happened. (0/1)
  • Shane McMahon’s been off TV the past couple weeks because he was serving jury duty.
  • Man, even the best in the world can’t get out of jury duty.

September 11, 2019

  • Given the news NXT won’t have a show before Royal Rumble next year, there’s speculation that WWE will air TakeOver events the same nights as AEW pay-per-view shows.
  • They haven’t done that. (0/1)
  • PW Insider notes that wrestlers contracted full time to AEW will be finishing up all other independent dates within the next couple weeks.
  • Some still work independent shows. (0/1)
  • They also say that AEW will tape more than just television each week, as they’ll create content for outside usage (like BR Live).
  • They film Dark for YouTube, but nothing on BR Live. (1/2)
  • Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that All Out pay-per-view numbers were up in the UK but significantly down stateside. Streaming, however, did roughly the same numbers.
  • Knowing the percentage of PPV buys vs. streaming would help figure if that’s a big dip or not.
  • The Wrap says at least 40 people were laid off from AXS TV after the station was sold to Anthem Sports & Entertainment.
  • That’s too bad.

September 12, 2019

  • According to WrestleVotes, there could be significant changes to commentary teams when SmackDown moves to Fox, including the return of two-person booths.
  • I’m going to give this one of two since Raw still has the 3 person both. (1/2)
  • They say one big change proposed would be Michael Cole as the play-by-play voice of SmackDown, with Vic Joseph taking that role on Raw.
  • That’s accurate. Though Vic is now out and Tom Philips in. (2/2)
  • PW Insider has heard a tiered WWE Network will launch in January 2020.
  • That hasn’t happened. (0/1)
  • The site expects Evolve, ICW, Progress, and possibly Chikara to be available on the premium tier. They’ve heard of WWE reaching out to other companies about partnering, including lucha promotions in Mexico.
  • We’ll see if it happens first.
  • Toni Storm is expected to be featured on the main NXT brand more going forward, says Insider.
  • She really wasn’t. A couple matches to build Worlds Collide but, unlike Rhea Ripley, she’s still a UK talent. (0/1)

September 13, 2019

  • According to WrestleVotes, the plan is for Michael Cole and Corey Graves to move to SmackDown Live when it goes to FOX. Graves won’t be doing Raw commentary from that point forward.
  • That’s true. (2/2)
  • The future of 205 Live is up in the air, says the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and many options are on the table. That includes folding it into NXT.
  • They have not folded it into NXT. It’s still its own thing. (0/1)
  • Per the Observer, “everyone” is interested in former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez after his debut for AAA.
  • It was WWE who landed him. It was not an auspicious debut.
  • In the WON, it’s mentioned Kazuchika Okada vs. Kota Ibushi is the plan for the Tokyo Dome show next year, and the winner would face the IC champion.
  • This is accurate - with Naito winning both titles in the end. (2/2)
  • PW Insider says Session Moth Martina’s deal with Ring of Honor will allow her to work for STARDOM in Japan and other independent promotions in Europe.
  • Most places can’t really afford not letting their talent work some other shows.

September 14, 2019

  • It’s expected there will be multiple title changes at Clash of Champions.
  • Both men’s tag titles changed but no others. (1/1)
  • Kevin Owens has teased going to NXT, and there’s apparently been talk of an appearance on the debut show while he’s “fired” from SmackDown Live.
  • He showed up at WarGames in November, but that wasn’t part of the fired angle. (0/1)
  • According to the Observer, there are still no plans for WWE to use Luke Harper.
  • He was used the next night to help out Rowan. That was a one time thing and he’s since been granted his release. Could see him in AEW soon. (0/1)
  • One of the ideas for 205 Live is a move to Wednesday before or after NXT, per the Observer.
  • It is still after SmackDown. (0/1)
  • Following Anthem buying AXS, the situation is such that Impact is trying to get New Japan to drop Ring of Honor and work with them, says Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.
  • If that was their plan, it didn’t come to pass.

This week: 17/34 - 50%

Overall: 3,200/5,734 - 55.8%

Have a good week, everyone. Keep hanging in there.

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