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Coronavirus concerns hit lucha libre shows in Mexico, AAA’s Rey de Reyes postponed

With the spread of coronavirus concerns causing cancellations of wrestling events in the USA during this week, it was only a matter of time before it headed south to affect the lucha libre scene in Mexico. Even though the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus is only in the 20 range, Mexican states have taken action upon the arrival of the first case in their jurisdiction. This made AAA’s Rey de Reyes show unlikely to take place as intended in Merida, Yucatan on March 21.

Yesterday, the mayor of Merida announced the suspension of weekly public gatherings in their prime plazas.

Today, we got the obvious announcement that the show is affected. Rey de Reyes has been postponed.

Even if Rey de Reyes came through, Kenny Omega may not have been able to attend as planned to defend the Megacampeonato against Laredo Kid. Vampiro posted a video last night from the Las Vegas airport. Vamp was going to be at a lucha libre show in Saltillo, Coahuila, however, he was told by airline staff that a quick return trip to the USA was not a guarantee. There was scuttlebutt that the US government might close the southern border, thus leaving Vampiro stranded and/or in quarantine. I imagine the same advice would have been given to Omega. AEW can’t have him stuck in limbo with Blood & Guts on the horizon for March 25, which has been relocated from Newark, NJ to a site to be determined. (While they can always opt to run the gimmick match at a later date, Cody is talking like it’s still the plan for now.)

The same concerns should be said for Michael Nakazawa, Dezmond Xavier, and Zachary Wentz for Rey de Reyes. Nakazawa was billed as a participant in the Rey de Reyes tournament, while the Rascalz were awarded a tag team title shot against the Lucha Bros.

CMLL has suspended their weekly Tuesday and Sunday shows in Guadalajara after the Jalisco state government and Guadalajara city council began taking preventative measures.

Meanwhile, it appears to be business as usual in Mexico City and Tijuana. MLW held their joint show with AAA in Tijuana to a packed crowd last night.

CMLL’s weekly Friday night show at Arena Mexico in Mexico City occurred as scheduled last night. Upon arrival, fans had their temperature taken and were given a squirt of anti-bacterial gel for their hands.

Roy Lucier reported that CMLL even had bathroom attendants to make sure fans washed their hands.

CMLL has a major show, Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, coming on March 20. They released a statement that the coronavirus will not affect upcoming activities or events, but that could change depending on actions from the Secretary of Health.

AAA has weekend plans (Mar. 14 & 15) for matches at the Vive Latino music festival in Mexico City.

As of this morning, Mexico is increasing their cancellations of public gatherings.

As of 2 pm ET, the Vive Latino festival is still moving forward and there has been no news about CMLL canceling their weekly shows in Puebla and Mexico City. If that festival ends up being canceled in the next few hours, then it is safe to assume all lucha libre events from AAA and CMLL will also fall by the wayside.

Update: CMLL’s Homenaje a Dos Leyendas has been postponed.

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