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Hangman Page’s statement on the coronavirus pandemic is epic

In the build-up to his match with MJF at Revolution, many of us crowned Cody Rhodes the best babyface in today’s wrestling game. But maybe we were wrong? Maybe the goodest guy was elsewhere on the AEW roster, drinking beer and holding tag team gold?

Future shoot interviews will reveal if Adam “Hangman” Page’s drunken master schtick was supposed to lead to his turning on Kenny Omega and the rest of The Elite. Now, Page is so over that AEW may have no choice but to keep him baby regardless of whatever their original plans were.

Hangman’s certainly leaning into his inner-white hat, while still keeping his cowboy edge. This statement he posted earlier today (Mar. 13) about the coronavirus pandemic is a great example of how brilliant he is in his current role.

Page mixes in the official business like the fact he’ll no longer be taking glasses of beer from fans with schtick about drinking whiskey in hopes it will kill more germs than beer does. He also encourages real public health measures that can help slow the spread of COVID-19, along with some takes that won’t be popular with everyone like advocating for meaningful health insurance reform, and encouraging people to try pineapple on pizza.

Hangman Page’s Twitter

My two favorite bits? The topical new nickname he gives himself in the signature, and the fine-print on the header design...

Giddy up!

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