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It’s too late! The Exalted One is coming

It’s too late! No, I’m not talking about the coronavirus. I’m referring to AEW’s latest tease for the Dark Order’s Exalted One.

The key to that image is the background. It has the text, “It’s too late.”

Some fans believe the birds to be a flock of ravens. That could keep the misdirection toward Raven. Others thought the birds could be crows, which would mean a message from Sting. I would point to the time AEW’s tweet was posted. It is consistent with the 3:01 am ET tease about Matt Hardy’s free agency date.

Whoever the Exalted One is, AEW has advertised an appearance from the Dark Order’s leader for next week’s Dynamite (Mar. 18). However, don’t be let down if that doesn’t come to pass. Evil Uno let us know that the Exalted One moves when he pleases.

What’s your take on the latest Exalted One tease?

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