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A dude was kidnapped on NXT

Well this is something.

Raul Mendoza’s night wasn’t off to the best start already on NXT tonight given he lost his match to Kushida. But then it got much worse when he was KIDNAPPED!

That’s right. An SUV barreled through the Performance Center parking lot and stopped next Mendoza. Then two men in luchador masks get out and forcefully took him. Then they drove off.

So many questions.

Like who the hell are these guys? Is this a new faction? Are they working for someone (like Killer Kross)? Are they somehow related to the ninjas that abducted Samoa Joe in TNA years back?

This isn’t the type of angle we get from NXT often but color me interested on this one.

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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