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If you’re a fan of WarGames, you’ll love the rules for Blood & Guts

AEW on YouTube

AEW finally revealed the rules for the upcoming Blood & Guts match on Mar. 25, pitting the Inner Circle vs. The Elite.

  • There will be two rings, covered by one giant cage.
  • One man from each team will start the match inside the cage for a 5-minute round.
  • Another man will enter the cage every two minutes. The team with the advantage here will be determined by the winner of a 6-man tag team match next week (Mar. 18) on Dynamite between The Inner Circle and The Elite.
  • The match officially begins once all 10 men have entered the cage.
  • The winning team will be determined by submission or surrender.

It’s a pretty good bet that if you enjoyed WarGames, then you’ll probably love Blood & Guts.

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