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AEW Dynamite Preview (March 11, 2020): Blood & Guts, but first RULES!


Tonight (March 11) All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City. Last week Jericho kept his word, Jake the Snake dressed down Cody, The Exalted One did NOT appear, Britt & Tony’s friendship continued to blossom and PAC joined forces with The Lucha Bros.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Blood & Guts rules reveal
  • Hangman Page & Mystery Partner vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara
  • Cody vs. Ortiz
  • Jurassic Express vs. MJF and The Butcher & The Blade
  • Death Triangle vs. Joey Janela & Private Party

Here are five questions about AEW tonight:

1) What makes “Blood & Guts” special?

Since the announcement of this spectacularly gimmicky match at Revolution, everyone (including WWE) has been curious - what is this match going to look like? Sure, it’s a “war games” match, but how is AEW going to make it unique to their promotion? Will anything change? Are they planning to take War Games back to it’s roots and reinstate the “match can only end in submission” rule? It seems likely.

Cody is the pettiest person in wrestling (it’s beautiful) and besides naming the whole dang thing after Vince McMahon’s infamous phrase, paying homage to the man and the name WWE has kept from him seems like a very Cody thing to do.

2) Who will Hangman Page pick for his Mystery Partner?

Kenny Omega is out with an injury, but the build to Blood & Guts continues. Hangman has to find a mystery partner to face the leader of The Inner Circle and his sidekick. There are a few options that make sense

Brodie Lee - He’s bound to make his presence known sometime in AEW and this could be a great opportunity for a big audience pop. The problem with this, however, is what happens to Brodie after this debut? He’s not going to be in the Blood & Guts match and after the initial pop, what is their plan for him? After all he had to endure in WWE, he deserves a real story line and a genuine push!

One of the Young Bucks - Look. They have their problems. They are BIG problems. But very soon they are going to have to put those problems aside to face The Inner Circle. Why not start now? Plus, if they try this angle and lose the story line between The Bucks & the tag champs continues even without Kenny present.

Darby Allin - Allin is the pinch hitter of AEW. You need a man to fill in and make the match GIF worthy? You call Darby Allin. Plus, he already has his whole blood feud with Guevara and selfishly I want to seem them wrestle for literally ever.

Of course, there is always Jon Moxley, champion. The Inner Circle effed his life up last week at the end of Dynamite. I think it’s safe to say he has a thirst for revenge. Additionally, if Kenny is still out by the time Blood & Guts rolls around, who better to fill in for Omega than the champion himself?

3) Will Jake the Snake’s client make their self known tonight?

It’s safe to say that the AEW audience was shocked when Jake the Snake interrupted Cody’s lamentation’s last week. Shocked and delighted. Not only did Mr. Snake cut one of the best promos in AEW’s short history (Hail Mighty Caesar), but he put Cody on notice.

Between Jake’s cool hair cut, a snakey response to the promo on Twitter, and the reaction to the news that Archer signed with AEW, one can only assume Jake’s client is non other than Lance “Everybody Dies” Archer.

Archer would be an interesting choice to take down Cody. Thus far Cody has primarily faced his own brother and a whiney jerk who wears a fancy scarf. Even Wardlow wasn’t that big of a challenge. Archer is powerful, lithe and unpredictable. That combined with Jake’s cunning streak the duo would be unstoppable.

Cody better watch out!

4) How many people will die during Death Triangle’s in-ring debut?

Last week Death Triangle debuted by decimating The Best Friends. Then on AEW Dark, they preemptively attacked Private Party meaning Joey Janela is going to be in big trouble tonight.

As of right now it’s unclear if they are after the tag titles or if they are just looking to destroy the locker room, but either way the AEW roster better look out as The Death Triangle already has a trail of bodies in their wake.

Perhaps they are looking for a different kind of gold. There are a lot of trios in AEW now. Just saying...


Honestly, I am so sick of having to always wonder just what’s going on in their women’s division. Nyla beat Kris Statlander and Revolution and the following night we were treated to a simple squash match (Big Swole soundly defeated Leva Bates) with Britt Baker on commentary. No real Revolution fall out. No real progress on future story lines or feuds.

Oh, sure they patted themselves on the back REAL hard on Twitter for International Women’s Day, but someone haven’t managed to book a match for their show tonight.

HEY KENNY! Since you’re injured and can’t wrestle, think you could devote, I don’t know, ANYTIME TO THIS DIVISION?

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 ET tonight to see if we get any answers to these questions!a

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