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The Librarians know the Exalted One’s identity, featuring another Matt Hardy tease

On AEW’s “Road to Salt Lake City,” the Librarians were the focal point of a segment. Leva Bates claimed to have figured out the identity of the Dark Order’s Exalted One. She took Peter Avalon by her side to do the research.

AEW shows once again that their vignette production team is top notch. That clip is a pretty creative way to utilize the Librarians. I loved seeing Avalon’s super sonic hearing on display while in his natural habitat. The visual effects of perusing through a multitude of books was fantastic as well.

Even though Leva Bates’ hunch was never mentioned out loud to enlighten us before the ‘to be continued’ cliffhanger, Twitter detectives have found a clue pointing toward Matt Hardy.

In the bottom right corner appears an article about a compound surviving a fire. It makes reference to fireworks starting the blaze. If you are familiar with the Final Deletion between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, then you will recall there was a fireworks fight during all that chaos. This continues AEW’s trend of making it obvious that Matt Hardy is the big reveal or making it too obvious that there will be a swerve.

What do you make of the latest hint of Matt Hardy as the Exalted One? Did you notice any hints pointing toward someone else filling that role?

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